Heidi Gardner

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Actress • Comedian • Writer

Birth Date: July 27, 1983

Age: 40 years old

Birth Place: Kansas City, Missouri

Actress and comedienne Heidi Gardner began her career as a member of sketch troupe The Groundlings before joining Bryan Cranston and Keegan-Michael Key in the voice cast of stop-motion animation "Supermansion" (Crackle, 2015-). Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Gardner first showcased her comedic talents when she joined The Groundlings, the Los Angeles sketch and improv group whose alumni included Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell and Melissa McCarthy. Gardner made her on-screen debut in "Maltese" (2013), a short film in which she played a young woman investigating strange sounds on a Sunday afternoon, before making the leap to feature films with the role of Erica in "Dibs!" (2014), a romantic comedy about two adopted brothers who fall for the same girl. After appearing as Rubbing Rhonda in "Gender Schmender," a comedy short which explored gender inequality in the workplace, Gardner joined the voice cast of "Supermansion" (Crackle, 2015-), the animated series developed by "Robot Chicken" (Adult Swim, 2005-) producers Zeb Wells and Matthew Senreich. Gardner took on the role of Cooch, a feisty humanoid cat with heightened senses, in the show, which followed the fortunes of an aging superhero team attempting to stay relevant in the modern world. In September 2017, it was announced that Gardner was joining the cast of "Saturday Night Live" (NBC 1975- ) for its 43rd season.

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