Who’s in Hale’s Head on ‘Westworld’ Season 3? 6 Theories (PHOTOS)

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Westworld Season 3 Episode 3 Charlotte Hale


Poor, sweet Teddy (James Mardsen). The man’s lot in life was to suffer, it seems, but at least he found some measure of happiness in the Valley Beyond. Or did he? If Dolores could recreate him from memory somehow, it’s possible she put his consciousness into Hale. Her comment that “no one knows me like you” certainly might imply her true love is inhabiting the Delos businesswoman, as does Teddy/New Hale’s overall personality.


Peter Abernathy

If Teddy really is in the Valley Beyond for good, then Dolores’ comment could also apply to her father, Peter (Louis Herthum). Throughout the series Dolores has tried to keep her dad safe, and although his host form died in Season 2, the bond between them was always unbreakable. It’s totally possible — maybe even probable — that one of the host control units she took from the cradle was her father’s. If that’s the case, he certainly could be Hale, or he could be the host-bodyguard Dolores created in the first episode.

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The evidence for this one is less substantial, but it nonetheless bears mention. The way host-Hale was sitting and stroking her face in the first scene of episode 3 felt like a callback to Clementine (Angela Sarafyan)’s introduction, and if Dolores knows Maeve (Thandie Newton) is against her, she might want someone on her side who Maeve would have a hard time moving against.



Not completely likely given that Angela (Talulah Riley)’s host form was destroyed in an explosion, but if her brain-ball survived that, then maybe Dolores would’ve installed her in Hale. While the “no one knows me like you” comment doesn’t totally make sense with Angela, she was a loyal soldier to Dolores for quite some time, and Dolores would trust her enough to give her such a meaningful position in her revolution.

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Yes, this is a stretch — but at first glance, many plot twists on Westworld are. If the show’s playing with time again (or if what we saw of Billy in Season 2 wasn’t all in present-day), it’s possible the Man in Black had already been a host for a while. If Dolores managed to accomplish such a feat, it’s possible that, if they regained trust in each other, she might’ve allowed him to serve her as host-Hale. In that context, Hale’s comment about “predators” and violent streak make sense; while Teddy wasn’t much for killing, William absolutely would and did.

Westworld Season 3 Mirror Theory Explained
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This theory is gaining traction, and right now, it’s looking pretty darn likely. If Dolores managed to split parts of her personality into separate control units, she could easily install the “rancher’s daughter” half of her into a different host while keeping her “Wyatt” side, thus enabling her to take over the world. What we’ve seen of host-Hale so far fits with Dolores’ Season 1 development. We’ve seen her cut herself in the same place Dolores once pulled on a thread in her arm during a hallucination, and Dolores’ comment that “I own you” makes sense if Hale’s literally a part of her.

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Who the Hale is she?

After the third episode of Westworld’s third season, that’s gotta be the question on everyone’s minds. The new Hale (Tessa Thompson) isn’t, of course, the icy businesswoman of earlier seasons — Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) rebuilt her as a host, and someone’s guiding host-Hale through everyday life. But who’s at the controls?

Here are 6 options for who we think could be in Hale’s host form.

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