‘Walking Dead’ Alums: Where Are They Now? (PHOTOS)

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Chad Coleman (Tyreese Williams)

Since his departure from the show in the Season 5 episode “What Happened And What’s Going On,” Chad Coleman’s found work on another sci-fi hit: The Expanse. He also starred on several episodes of Arrow, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and The Orville.

Gene Page/AMC

Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha Williams)

Coleman isn’t the only Walking Dead alum to stick within the genre. Sonequa Martin-Green traded zombies for Klingons when she joined the cast of Star Trek: Discovery as First Officer Michael Burnham.

Gene Page/AMC

Emily Kinney (Beth Greene)

Since leaving The Walking Dead, Emily Kinney has spent time with several notable TV casts, including The Flash, Arrow and Masters of Sex. She’s also continuing to focus on her music career, and has released a total of four albums.

The Governor
Gene Page/AMC

David Morrissey (The Governor)

Morrissey has been active both on the screen and on the stage since leaving the role of Philip Blake behind. He’ll appear in the upcoming Pilot episode of Good Omens, adapted from the Neil Gaiman book, and appeared earlier this year on stage in a production of Julius Caesar in London at the Bridge Theatre.

Gene Page/AMC

John Bernthal (Shane Walsh)

If you haven’t heard of Jon Bernthal since his name faded from The Walking Dead’s opening credits, you just might be living under a rock! Nowadays, Bernthal is known for his leading-man role as Frank Castle on Marvel’s The Punisher. But if you still miss Shane, there’s a good chance you’ll see him again in some form: earlier this year, it was announced that Rick’s former buddy will be returning for Season 9.

Gene Page/AMC

Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee)

Fans might still be mourning for their beloved former pizza boy, but Steven Yeun has been incredibly busy. Among other things, Yeun has done voice acting as “Keith” on the immensely popular anime series Voltron and as “Little Cato” on TBS’ animated series Final Space. He also starred in the horror flick Okja, and recently in the South Korean mystery drama Burning.

Gene Page/AMC

Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes)

Though some fans are certainly still irked about the young Grimes’ demise, Chandler Riggs has had plenty to do since departing the world of the dead last year. He stars in an upcoming film about young opioids dealers, Inherit The Viper, and like Kinney is focusing on building a career in music. He has released several singles.

Gene Page/AMC

Michael Cudlitz (Abraham Ford)

It’ll be a big fall TV season for Michael Cudlitz, who formerly played the foul-mouthed, mission-driven Sgt. Abraham Ford. Cudlitz stars in the lead role on ABC’s new comedy series The Kids Are Alright, which according to the show’s website, “follows a traditional Irish-Catholic family, the Clearys, as they navigate big and small changes during one of America’s most turbulent decades.”

Gene Page/AMC

Laurie Holden (Andrea Harrison)

Whether you loved or loved to hate Andrea, her sudden departure at the end of The Walking Dead’s third season was shocking given the amount of material to come for her character in the comics. Since then, Laurie Holden has starred in several episodes of well-known network shows, including Chicago Fire and Major Crimes, and even FX’s recently-concluded The Americans.

Gene Page/AMC

Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes)

Like Coleman and Martin-Green, Sarah Wayne Callies stayed mostly in-genre after filming her final scene as Rick’s wife. She came back to Fox’s Prison Break in 2017, and moved over to USA’s Colony where she starred alongside Lost alum Josh Holloway. Lately Callies has been dabbling in directing — she directed an episode of Colony this season.

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One of the best things about AMC’s The Walking Dead is how seriously it takes its post-apocalyptic premise and the dangers lurking in the world of walkers. Unfortunately, that means no one — not even Carl! — is safe. Fans have cried at the losses of beloved characters and cheered at villains’ demises, and a myriad of actors have exited the show since its first few seasons.

Click through the gallery above for some of the most notable departures from the AMC hit, and see what these actors have been up to since leaving Rick’s group.

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