8 Questions We Have About ‘Virgin River’s New Series Regulars in Season 4

Kai Bradbury in Virgin River, Mark Ghanime
Netflix; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

When Virgin River returns for Season 4 on Netflix, there will be at least a couple of new faces in town, one we met very briefly at the end of the last finale and one whose presence isn’t too surprising, given one of the ongoing storylines.

Kai Bradbury, who we saw briefly as Doc’s (Tim Matheson) grandson, Denny Cutler, is sticking around as one of the new series regulars. According to the character description, this “long-lost grandson” of Doc’s comes to town hoping to “forge a connection with the grandfather he just recently learned about.” However, because this is Virgin River, it should be no surprise that he “comes bearing a dark secret.”

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The other new series regular is Mark Ghanimé’s Dr. Cameron Hayek. Season 3 saw Doc beginning to interview candidates to possibly take over at the clinic, and it sounds like he may very well at least be stepping back from full-time work. (Maybe he’ll be taking care of Annette O’Toole’s Hope after her accident? Maybe it’s only because of his health.) Cameron is described as “the clinic’s dashing new physician. Armed with eye-catching good looks, a razor-sharp intellect, and a smile that could light up the world, Cameron makes an immediate splash in town — especially with the ladies of Virgin River.”

Because we can’t help ourselves, we’ve come up with quite a few questions about these characters after those descriptions.

Kai Bradbury as Denny in Virgin River

Why Is This the First Time We've Met Denny?

According to Denny’s character description, he just learned about his grandfather. Why? But did Doc know about him? If he did, why hasn’t he been in his life?

Tim Matheson as Doc in Virgin River

Will More of Doc's Family Members Appear?

We obviously have to at least hear about Denny’s parents and Doc’s relationships with them, but might Virgin River suddenly become the location of a guaranteed-to-be-awkward family reunion?

Kai Bradbury as Denny in Virgin River

What's Denny's "Dark Secret"?

And how “dark” can it actually be? Is he running away from some trouble back home? Might that have followed him to Virgin River? Does he need Doc’s help with something? Maybe it’s related to something someone in his family did, and he’s turning to his grandfather because Doc knows that person.

Kai Bradbury as Denny in Virgin River

What Will Denny & Doc's Relationship Be Like?

It can’t be easy, since Denny just learned about Doc, but chances are what Doc did and didn’t know will factor into what their dynamic is like. Plus, Doc’s going to have his hands full already going into Season 4 — his health, Hope’s health, possibly planning their wedding, his future at the clinic — so that could lead to some tension between the two.

Tim Matheson as Doc, Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel in Virgin River
Courtesy of Netflix

Is Doc No Longer Working at the Clinic?

Doc had put the search for his replacement at the clinic on hold in Season 3, and when TV Insider asked executive producer Sue Tenney if that was about him not wanting to accept his future when it comes to his health or him not being ready to stop working, she teased “a surprise at the beginning of Season 4 that will address the question that you’re asking.” Is Cameron at least part of that? Might Doc not be at the clinic anymore at all or just working there part-time?

Martin Henderson as Jack, Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel in Virgin River
Courtesy of Netflix

Will Cameron Add Another Complication to Mel and Jack?

When Season 3 ended, Jack (Martin Henderson) was proposing, and Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) told him she’s pregnant … but the baby might be her late husband’s (via IVF). That would be enough for them to deal with in Season 4, but considering Cameron’s going to be working at the clinic with Mel, we can’t help but wonder if we might see a bit of a love triangle there as well. After all, Virgin River has been renewed for a fifth season already. There’s plenty of time to draw out some storylines.

Benjamin Hollingsworth as Brady, Zibby Allen as Brie in Virgin River
Courtesy of Netflix

Will Cameron Disrupt the Inevitable Brie/Brady/Mike Triangle?

We know that in Robyn Carr’s books, Brie (Zibby Allen) and Mike (Marco Grazzini) are together, but in Season 3, we saw her with Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) … which has been complicated due to the fact that he was arrested for shooting her brother Jack. (The jury’s still out on whether or not he’s guilty.) A full-blown love triangle there seems inevitable. But maybe Cameron will catch Brie’s eye in Season 4.

Martin Henderson as Jack in Virgin River
Courtesy of Netflix

Is One of Them Tied to the Mystery of Who Shot Jack?

Probably not, but you never know