‘Upload’: 7 Things We’d Like to See Happen in Season 2 (PHOTOS)

Upload Season 1 Nathan Nora
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1 of Upload.]

Amazon’s new comedy Upload reimagines the after-life as a virtual paradise for the dying to upload themselves into rather than face the unknown.

When Robbie Amell‘s character Nathan is left to make the difficult decision for himself after a freak accident, he’s pressured by his pushy girlfriend Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) to upload himself to Lake View, a digital after-life location her family has bought into. Once there, he meets his “angel” Nora (Andy Allo), a customer service rep who works for Lake View’s blanket company Horizon and is assigned to acclimate him to the digital world.

A living woman, Nora is conflicted when she begins to have feelings for Nathan who will never exist in the real world, and for viewers of the series, things take a twisty turn in the season’s final moments when Ingrid shows up at Lake View with some interesting news. For a show whose path was paved by the likes of The Good Place, this quirky comedy from Greg Daniels (The Office, Parks and Recreation) gives its own unique take on life after death.

Below, we’re breaking down a few things we’d like to see when the series returns for Season 2, as it was renewed one week after its Prime Video debut.

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Upload Nora Nathan Season 1

More Nora and Nathan

Perhaps the most obvious desire for fans at this point is to see the series’ main protagonists figure out their growing relationship. The chemistry between Nora (Andy Allo) and Nathan (Robbie Amell) is undeniable and it’s hard to imagine them not sharing the easy banter viewers became familiar with in Season 1. Only time will tell whether this will be possible in Season 2 or not considering Ingrid’s (Allegra Edwards) more tangible arrival in Lake View.

Upload Fran Booth Season 1
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Fran’s Fate

Nathan’s cousin Fran Booth (Elizabeth Bowen) had begun investigating his death after the accident that lead to his upload appeared suspicious due to the fact that self-driving cars in the future rarely malfunction. When she seemed to be picking up on leads in the case, her own vehicle turned on her, driving directly into the ocean as it veered off the end of a pier. Viewers never learned if she survives or not, and we’re hoping Season 2 yields some answers.

Upload Season 1 Ingrid
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An Explanation for Ingrid’s Presence

After Nathan decided to opt out of the Horizon contract belonging to Ingrid’s family, he downgraded his status to something known as 2-gig, meaning his avatar freezes after using a certain amount of data in the after-life. While in his new 2-gig room at Lake View, Ingrid shows up and tells him that’s she’s joined him for good which must mean she died in the real world, but little else was explained before the finale’s credits rolled.

upload Aleesha Luke
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More Funny Moments Between Aleesha and Luke

If there was a dynamic we enjoyed almost as much as Nora and Nathan’s it has to be Luke (Kevin Bigley) and Aleesha’s (Zainab Johnson). Their client-angel relationship was more about who could annoy each other the most and it certainly made the show’s darker moments lighter with their comedic boost.

Upload Season 1 A.I. Guy
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A.I. Guy

Sure, he’s no Janet (D’Arcy Carden) from The Good Place, but his repeated resurfacing throughout the series is a gimmick worth appreciating and Season 2 wouldn’t feel the same without the silly character played by Owen Daniels.

Upload Nora Season 1
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A Decision for Nora’s Dad

Nora’s sickly dad didn’t plan on joining the virtual after-life since his wife died before it was an option, but his only daughter conveyed her desire for him to pursue the possibility of sticking around. His decision was still unclear by the end of the season, leaving us to wonder, will he go virtual for his daughter or will he opt out of this future after-life.

Upload Season 1 Nathan
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The Truth About Nathan’s Death

It’s fairly clear by the end of the season that Nathan’s death wasn’t just an accident, but not much clarity is given regarding the reason for him being targeted. Hopefully Season 2 will yield some answers because we have more than a few.