12 of TV’s Most Unconventional Relationships (PHOTOS)

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Janet and Jason (The Good Place)

Over four seasons, we see deceased EDM DJ Jason and all-knower of humanity Janet build a lovable relationship. While the two appear human, through their quirky interactions with each other, we know that Janet is most certainly “not a girl”… but she is not a robot either, leaving all of us stumped as to what exactly she is. Janet remains to be a mystery, so for now, we’ll just have to be OK with her knowing everything about us and us knowing nothing about her.


Danny and Karl (Black Mirror)

In Season 5 Episode 1 of the Netflix hit series, we see two college friends Danny and Karl (Anthony Mackie and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) explore a new relationship with each other via a video game called Striking Vipers. In a world of virtual reality and avatars, they find a unique chemistry with each other that they could and would otherwise never have in real life.

stranger things
Curtis Baker/Netflix

Mike and Eleven (Stranger Things)

There is no doubt the teenagers have fallen for each other. The first time we see them show affection is when they share a sweet kiss at the Snow Ball Dance. Unfortunately,  there is some doubt as to what exactly Eleven is capable of doing. With her psychokinetic and telepathic abilities, there is no telling how dangerous the lab test subject can be to herself, and ultimately her loved ones.

GOT arya

Arya and Gendry (Game of Thrones)

It shockingly wasn’t until Season 8 Episode 2 that we saw Arya be intimate with someone. We know she is 18 years old and know that her relations with the blacksmith apprentice are consensual, but what we still don’t quite know is who Arya is. With her shapeshifting abilities and fluctuating identity, Arya could be anyone and anyone could be Arya.

John P. Johnson/HBO

Dolores and William (Westworld)

In a world of humans and robots, some rather interesting relationships come to light. While William (Jimmi Simpson) is well-aware of Dolores’ (Evan Rachel Wood) role as a host in the Delos parks, he cannot help but be mesmerized by her and her free will, human-like behavior.


Claire and Jamie Fraser (Outlander)

This historical sci-fi makes things interesting when main character Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) accidentally travels back in time to 18th century Scotland. While there, she starts up a heated romance with dashing Highland warrior Jamie (Sam Heughan). The former WWII nurse’s lifestyle may be a bit of an anachronism, but the love she has for Jamie is one for the ages.


Todd and Yolanda (BoJack Horseman)

Not too long after Todd (voiced by Aaron Paul) comes out as asexual, he builds a close relationship with Yolanda, who also identifies as asexual. In the BoJack Horseman universe, a human dating an axolotl does not seem to be the most unconventional thing, but asexuality does seem to be. In the third episode of Season 5 the validity of the characters’ relationship is tested when they attend dinner with Yolanda’s sex-obsessed family. With an erotic novelist dad, adult film star mom, and sex advice columnist twin sister, Yolanda and Todd feel pressured to conform and spend the rest of the night hiding their true sexual (or lack thereof) orientations.

The CW

Elena and Damon (The Vampire Diaries)

Elena proves she has a thing for blood-thirsty villains, by not dating one, but two vampires (played by Ian Somerholder and Paul Wesley). In the hit teen drama, the star student has her share of homework and boy problems — but the latter turns out to be a lot more fatal than anticipated. She ultimately uses love to guide her through her battle with humanity and immortality.

True blood bill and sookie copy

Sookie and Bill (True Blood)

Sookie and Bill (portrayed by Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer) are perhaps one of the series’ most favorite lovers. The half-human half-fairy and vampire prove that true love can prevail any world of deadly creatures, and even deadlier romances.

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The Henricksons (Big Love)

This is the first time we’ve seen HBO tackle some big ideas the world has about love. With a star-studded cast of committed actors (and lovers) the show boldly portrays the taboo lifestyle of a Salt Lake City suburban man (played by Bill Paxton) married to three women at the same time (played by Chloë Sevigny, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Jeanne Tripplehorn).

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Aidan and Sally (Being Human)

The BBC series follows the lives of three very complicated “20-something” roommates. Well-intentioned vampire Aidan (played by Sam Witwer) and lovable ghost Sally (played by Meaghan Rath) must hide their supernatural identities from the world, but one thing they will never hide is their burning love for each other.

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Ned and Charlotte ‘Chuck’ (Pushing Daisies)

Using his mysterious gift to bring the dead back to life, Ned (played by Lee Pace) reunites with his brutally murdered childhood crush Chuck (played by Anna Friel). Unfortunately, whatever Ned brings to life, can also be reverted to death with one simple touch, which leaves the pie maker with the seemingly impossible task of keeping the spark alive while also keeping his newfound romantic partner alive in the process.

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With a rise in sci-fi television and cinema, there are more “out of this world” stories being told than ever before. Naturally, there have also been some out of this world (literally) romances to have unfolded before our eyes.

With storylines based on anything from extraterrestrial life and the afterlife to killer vampires and free-willed robots, writers have used the creative space to introduce love in a rather unconventional way. Indeed, there is a high chance most of TV’s most memorable couples are not as normal as they appear to be.

Click through the gallery above to see us break down some strange and even stranger relationships that have blossomed on our favorite shows.