7 Shows That Should Have Virtual Reunion Episodes Like ‘Parks and Rec’

TV Shows That Should Have Virtual Reunion Episodes
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The Parks and Recreation virtual reunion episode was a massive success, proving that during these difficult times, people are still able to come together to bring joy into the world.

The special proved the success of creating TV episodes through the power of video chat programs, leaving the door open for other shows to do the same.

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With the entertainment industry put on hold for the time being, now is the perfect opportunity for TV casts to reunite for brand new episodes. Here are seven shows that should follow the lead of Parks and Rec special and reunite virtually.

The Office, Cast

The Office

The Office is one of the most beloved sitcoms of all-time. Fans would be ecstatic to see the Dunder Mifflin gang back together for a virtual reunion episode. How is each of the characters handling quarantine? Are Pam and Jim’s kids driving them crazy? How have Dwight and Angela been dealing with life as a married couple? What kinds of antics is Michael up to? There are so many questions that fans would love to see answered!

The Big Bang Theory, Cast

The Big Bang Theory

Though The Big Bang Theory only ended a year ago, fans would love to see the cast reunite. With the majority of the characters scientists, it would be unique to see their take on quarantine and the pandemic. Plus, we would get to meet Leonard and Penny’s baby! The gang would likely be keeping in contact regularly with one another. Perhaps Sheldon would use his Mobile Virtual Presence Device to visit his friends “in person.”

Community, Cast


The cast of Community recently announced a special reunion table read to raise money for charity. However, fans would still love to see their favorite study group back together for a new episode. In the series finale, each of the characters pitched what would happen in another “season.” A reunion could show if any of their predictions were correct!

How I Met Your Mother, Cast

How I Met Your Mother

A new episode of How I Met Your Mother could help many fans accept its unpopular finale. Given its time jumps, an episode in the present day would see Ted and the Mother married with kids, Barney a new father, Marshall running for the New York State Supreme Court and Robin reconciling with the group. A new episode could give some much-needed time between Ted and the Mother before her death a few years later. Plus, we would love to see how Barney is handling raising a child!

Schitt's Creek, Cast

Schitt's Creek

Schitt’s Creek just ended its run back in April, but we would love to see how the Rose family is handling quarantine! The family has split apart, with Moira and Johnny in California and the kids in Schitt’s Creek, so they have to deal with the pandemic and being away from each other all at the same time. With social-distancing guidelines, is the Motel closed? How are David and Patrick coping as newlyweds during quarantine? A new episode could be a special surprise for fans who miss the popular series.

Seinfeld, Cast


For a show with no specific storylines, a Seinfeld reunion could work perfectly as a virtual episode! A quarantine-themed episode featuring the main Seinfeld cast (and special cameos) in the present day would fit with its unique storytelling. Imagine how hilarious it would be to see Jerry Seinfeld open the show with a stand-up set over Zoom!

Friends, Cast


While we will eventually get a Friends reunion special on HBO Max, a new episode would be even better. We would love to see all of the friends in the present day checking in on one another over video chat. Is Monica going crazy cleaning every surface of her house? Did Ross and Rachel get married after the series finale? What happened to Joey after the events of his spin-off series? Regardless, we know that this group of friends will always be there for one another, even during this difficult time.