21 Best ‘Parks and Rec’ Easter Eggs From the Reunion (PHOTOS)

Parks and Recreation Reunion

NBC’s Parks and Receation Special brought fans back to Pawnee for a night and offered up plenty of nostalgic moments as the cast reunited for the TV event.

Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, Adam Scott, Rob Lowe, Jim O’Heir, and Retta reprised their roles alongside some very exciting guest stars. Focusing on the gang’s ongoing attempt to stay in touch while social distancing, the special brought up plenty of warm and fuzzy feelings.

Below, we’re rounding up some of the best callbacks to Parks and Recreation‘s original run that were made during the event. From Ben Wyatt’s (Scott) Cones of Dunshire and Andy’s (Pratt) Mouse Rat rendition to Joan Callamezzo’s (Mo Collins) Pawnee Today segment, there was an abundance of Easter Eggs you might’ve missed.

And if you weren’t able to tune in for the special, NBC has made the show available via YouTube and other platforms. Check it out and donate if you can to Feeding America, the charity benefiting from the reunion special.

Parks and Recreation Bobby Newport

Bobby Newport's Sweatshirt

As if Paul Rudd reprising his role as Bobby Newport wasn’t enough, the fact that he was wearing Leslie Knope’s 2012 campaign hoodie is more than comical considering she was originally Bobby’s opponent for City Council.

Parks and Recreation


Introduced in the later seasons of Parks and Recreation, the social media platform Gryzzl was back in the special in the form of the video chat system Leslie (Amy Poehler), Ron (Nick Offerman), Ben (Adam Scott) and more used to stay in touch.

Parks and Recreation

Depressed Ben?

When Ben was out of a job and in a rut in the original series, he attempted to get into claymation. And if his Letters to Cleo shirt didn’t tip fans off right away, Leslie bringing up his depression certainly did. After she expresses concern for his mental state, he surfaces his claymation doll, claiming he has an idea for a new film. Judging how the first one went, he better quit while he’s ahead.

Parks and Recreation Cones of Dunshire

The Cones of Dunshire

Ben’s game The Cones of Dunshire came out to play in the special, in the midst of his hilarious (if not concerning) regression.

Parks and Rec Ron Lagavulin

Lagavulin in the Cabin

Who didn’t appreciate Ron’s predictable method for maintaining his emotional and mental health? While hunkering down at his cabin, of course his adult beverage of choice was Lagavulin whisky.

Parks and Recreation Ben Leslie

The Wedding Photo

During Leslie’s chats, a photo from her wedding to Ben is visible. The small touch is a sweet nod to the character’s story, and adds a nice layer of authenticity to the special.

Parks and Recreation April Ron

April's Screen Name

One of April’s (Aubrey Plaza) nicknames was brought into the mix when Ron rang her up — Satan’s Niece. Needless to say, nothing has changed when it comes to April’s brand and we love it.

Parks and Recreation Andy

Burt Macklin

When Ron discovers Andy’s (Chris Pratt) been stuck in his shed for a couple days, he wonders why April hasn’t freed him. His response? Considering his FBI agent alter ego Burt Macklin, he doesn’t need help escaping anything.

Parks and Rec Tom

Tom's Business Schemes

It’s good to see that some things never change, including Tom’s (Aziz Ansari) outrageous entrepreneurial ideas. In this case, those included mini iPads for every finger and double-breasted pajamas, among others.

Parks and Recreation Tom Donna

Tom & Donna Get Fancy

It may not be Treat Yo’ Self day, but Tom and Donna (Retta) were definitely putting out that kind of energy during their chat, sharing a cheers through the screen with their cocktails.

Parks and Recreation Donna

Donna Talks Mercedes

During Donna’s chat with Tom, she mentions how her teacher husband Joe (Keegan-Michael Key) has been working from home. This prompts her to mention that all teachers deserve a Mercedes. For fans of the show, this is a major callback to her beloved vehicle.

Parks and Recreation Garry Jim O'Heir

No Love for Garry

The characters kept up their bit of not liking Garry (Jim O’Heir) as they continued to rag on their former coworker and Pawnee’s current mayor, who has also been known as Jerry and Larry.

Parks and Recreation Joan Callamezzo

Joan at Home

Pawnee Today‘s Joan Callamezzo (Mo Collins) resurfaced in the special for a segment known as Joan at Home in which she conducts her show from her own space. Nice callbacks included Joan’s leopard print dress, her massive portraits, the Pawnee Today sign, and a martini in hand.

Parks and Rec Dennis Feintstein

Dennis Feinstein

An adversary for many in Pawnee, fragrance tycoon Dennis Feinstein (Jason Mantzoukas) was back to pedal his latest scent which he claimed would kill the virus. Of course, there was a catch — the product has killed everything it’s touched during testing. Yikes.

Parks and Recreation Perd Hapley

Ya' Heard? With Perd

Extremely literal reporter Perd Hapley (Jay Jackson) appeared in the special with some nice nods to his fictional show within Parks and Rec.

Parks and Recreation Jeremy Jamm

Jamm Yourself

Jeremy Jamm (Jon Glaser) came back to advertise an at-home dental kit, revealing he’d instruct patients over the phone for their self-done procedures. His kimono is a nice nod to Jamm’s love for Japanese culture, and when he tells viewers they can Jamm themselves, it’s the icing on top of a hilarious cameo.

PArks and Rec Jean Ralphio

Jean-Ralphio Unchanged

Tom’s flighty friend Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz) made an appearance, advertising himself since he’s so lonely in quarantine. Some great Easter Eggs included his use of the phrase “flush with cash” as well as revealing he’d won money by being hit by a car… again.

Parks and Recreation Johnny Karate

Johnny Karate's Comeback

Johnny Karate also made an appearance on Ya’ Heard? With Perd as he provided some not-so-helpful tips to kids via the TV program. And yes, his return also included Andy making his own sound effects.

Parks and Rec Ron tammy

Tammy 2 Returns

Considering Megan Mullally’s real-life marriage to Nick Offerman, it wasn’t shocking to see her return as Ron’s ex-wife, Tammy 2. That said, it was hilarious to see that not much has changed for the predatory librarian as she continues to try and destroy her ex life.

Parks and Recreation Andy

Li'l Sebastian Tribute

The show took a moment to remember Pawnee’s beloved miniature horse, Li’l Sebastian, with a rendition of “5000 Candles in the Wind” sung by Andy. If that wasn’t enough, Andy’s also wearing a Li’l Sebastian shirt first seen during Pawnee’s Harvest Festival and his guitar neck includes inlaid letters spelling Andy Dwyer.

Parks and Recreation Ron

Ron's Words of Wisdom

The episode concluded with some wise words from Ron Swanson, a format that was usually reserved for Parks‘ more tender moments, and it fit right in for this occasion.