Watch ‘A.P. Bio,’ ‘Community’ & More to Get Ready for Back to School Season

TV Shows School Centered

It’s that time of year again.

Although it may look different for many this year, back-to-school season can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking time for students as they pack their backpacks, pick out their first day outfits, and, for some, prepare to move out of the house to start college. The students, however, aren’t the only ones with the first day jitters. Parents can often be just as nervous and emotionally overwhelmed as their kids.

There are plenty of TV shows that capture the experience of going to school. Comedies, dramas and sci-fi/fantasy series all touch on topics that many students encounter as they grow up.

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Below are seven of the greatest school-centered shows from the past few decades. Whether you or your kids are about to start school or you just miss it, we’re hoping that you can resonate with the storylines and characters of these classic and new hits, from Community to A.P. Bio (which has a new season coming to Peacock on September 3.

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights (NBC)

High school athletes and non-athletes alike can find comfort and inspiration in this heartwarming drama. Set at a Texas high school that takes immense pride in its football team, the series highlights what it is like to be raised and go to school in a small town. It doesn’t stray far from the average high school stories of many teenagers in America, and for many, watching this show can make them feel right at home.

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Glee (Fox)

If you also enjoy musical theater or just simply love singing along to some of the greatest hits of all time, this one is for you. Glee tackles some modern-day issues and explores so many different areas of teenage life. The characters, whether discovering their sexuality, dealing with difficult family lives, or standing up to bullies, provide a very well-rounded summary of the rollercoaster that is growing up.

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Saved By the Bell

Saved by the Bell (NBC)

Late ’80s and early ’90s kids will thank us for this one. A late 20th century hit, Saved by the Bell is full of timeless comedy and common high school scenarios. With a very lighthearted and upbeat tone, the show follows a group of friends who encounter situations that the typical high school student comes across at some point in their young lives, such as drugs and alcohol, human rights issues, and environmental issues.

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In my Skin

In My Skin (BBC)

If you’re in search of a more realistic, coming-of-age, dramatic high school story, this British hit is the one for you. The series follows 16-year-old Bethan (Gabrielle Creevy) as she navigates her life at school, which is hit hard by her difficult home life with her mother’s mental health issues. Bethan takes on more responsibility than she should as a high schooler, but she learns many valuable lessons along the way.

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AP Bio

A.P. Bio (NBC/Peacock)

Jack Griffin (Glenn Howerton), a Harvard philosophy professor, lost his chance at the job of his dreams, and thus became a high school A.P. Biology teacher in Ohio. However, he isn’t your typical teacher; in fact, he doesn’t teach at all. Instead, he gathers the brainiacs in his class to help him fight for the job that he believed he deserved. While this series isn’t much of a realistic look at high school life, it definitely will throw some laughs and unexpected twists your way.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The WB

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (The WB)

While you may not have to attend school as a “Vampire Slayer,” this series can show you exactly what it would be like if you did. Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) wants to live a normal high school life, but it’s rather difficult to do so when she’s constantly fighting vampires and demons. For her, high school is quite literally hell, as Sunnydale High rests on top of a portal called Hellmouth, which has direct access to demon dimensions. While Buffy’s life is far from realistic, she still finds herself bumping into issues that we all experience growing up.

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Community (NBC)

What do you get when you mix a narcissistic lawyer, a young social activist, a socially anxious boy, a religious single mother, and so many other different personality types at a community college? Hilarity and chaos. Community pokes fun at the diverse student body of an average community college and follows a study group consisting of unlikely friends that turns into something unexpected.

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