Brush Up on Your ‘A.P. Bio’ Before Class Is Back in Session (VIDEO)

You know how, at the end of every summer vacation, you have to scramble to finish your assigned summer reading list? Well, think of this like that, but only way more fun and far less Lord of the Flies-y: The first two seasons of A.P. Bio are now streaming on Peacock, just in time for you to catch up on this wickedly smart comedy ahead of its Season 3 return in September.

Created by SNL vet Mike O’Brien, Bio stars Glenn Howerton (It‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) as Jack Griffin, a disgraced Harvard philosophy genius trapped in his hometown of Toledo, teaching high-school science and living in his late mom’s home. Despite critical raves and some of the snappiest writing around (not to mention a stellar ensemble that includes Patton Oswalt, Paula Pell, Lyric Lewis, Jean Villepique, and Mary Sohn), NBC expelled the show from its schedule after Season 2, only to renew it for a third season on its recently launched streaming service.

So now, you can join the cool-kid clique by boning up on Jack’s misanthropic efforts to destroy his literary enemy, his brainiac students’ inability to deal with not being taught and all of the on-campus antics that should convince most parents that school should remain virtual these days. And if you need the Cliff’s Notes first, Peacock has provided us with the above catch-up clip, as well.

So get to bingeing, kids. And yes, you will be tested on this come Fall.

A.P. Bio, Season 3 Premiere, Thursday, September 3, Peacock