9 Unplanned Finales That Had Season Ending Worthy Cliffhangers

Meredith Jacobs
TV Shows Ending Seasons Early Finale Worthy Cliffhangers
The CW; Matt Dinerstein/NBC; CBS

When production shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, some TV shows were luckier than others when it came to ending the current seasons.

In some cases, everything had already been filmed, and real-world events had no effect. For others, we got the last episode that had been filmed, as it was, or makeshift finales that were crafted using footage from future episodes to better set up what will come when production resumes.

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Below, we take a look at the season-ending cliffhangers of this season's unplanned finales. (Note: This only includes episodes that weren't meant to serve as finales, i.e., not Prodigal Son's, which was the intended end of Season 1.)