Best Lines on TV This Week (May 5 – 11): ‘Friend, You Wouldn’t Have a Putter-Inner by Chance?’

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GOTHAM - Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue


“Was this Hamlet? Guess he wasn’t meant To Be.”

-Harvey (Donal Logue) cracks a Shakespeare joke when the GCPD finds the remnants of The Riddler’s (Cory Michael Smith) theater shooting—a dead Hamlet.

MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. - Mallory Jansen

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

“I had no idea. I’ve only emulated human actions, but to actually feel? The warm sand, the water rushing over me…”

-Aida/Ophelia (Mallory Jansen) on a beach reacting to her new human form.

2017 MTV MOVIE AND TV AWARDS - Lonnie Chavis
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards

“I can’t keep thinking that this is not heavy, so….”

-Lonnie Chavis about holding the golden popcorn award while accepting for best Tearjerker moment.

SENSE8 - Miguel Angel Silvestre


“No, you’re not trying to understand anything. Because labels are the opposite of understanding.”

-Lito (Miguel Angel Silvestre) with the help of Nomi (Jamie Clayton) after being asked questions about his coming out at the premiere of his new movie.

YOUNG & HUNGRY - Emily Osment, Betty White
Eric McCandless/FREEFORM

Young & Hungry

“Ms. Wilson, just because you are 95, doesn’t mean you have to drive 95.”

-Gabi (Emily Osment) to Ms. Wilson (Betty White) while on the road to Vegas.

FARGO - Olivia Sandoval
Chris Large/FX


“Friend, you wouldn’t have a putter-inner by chance?”

-Winnie Lopez (Olivia Sandoval) desperately seeking a tampon from a stall neighbor.

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