Meet Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 3 Cast (PHOTOS)

'Too Hot to Handle,' Season 3 Poster, Netflix
Tom Dymond/Netflix

Winter is heating up! The Netflix hit reality dating show Too Hot to Handle is back for a steamy new season with 10 singles that will be put to the test as they attempt to find love during a gorgeous, tropical getaway. The only catch? Touching, kissing, or sexual activity of any kind will decrease the final cash prize.

The newest group of attractive hopefuls comes from all across the globe, with contestants from the US, the UK, Australia, and South Africa. Will they be able to obey virtual assistant Lana’s rules and take home the grand prize of $100,000, or will temptation take them over on their journey for love? Will they truly be “too hot to handle?”

Below, get to know this season’s Too Hot to Handle lineup ahead of the Season 3 premiere on January 19.

Too Hot to Handle, Season 3 Premiere, Wednesday, January 19, Netflix

'Too Hot to Handle,' Season 3 Cast, Netflix, Beaux


Age: 24

Hometown: Kent, UK

Job: Legal Secretary

Instagram: @_beauxraymond_

Describes herself as the “cockney Elle Woods” and has “had more boyfriends than hot dinners.”

'Too Hot to Handle,' Season 3 Cast, Netflix, Georgia


Age: 26

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

Job: Student Midwife

Instagram: @Georgiahassarati

A “serial ghoster” whose type is her celebrity crush, Justin Bieber.

'Too Hot to Handle,' Season 3 Cast, Netflix, Harry


Age: 29

Hometown: Middlesborough, UK

Job: Tree Surgeon

Instagram: @harryjohnson92

A self-proclaimed Harry Styles lookalike who has “charmed the ladies around the world from Thailand to Dubai.”

'Too Hot to Handle,' Season 3 Cast, Netflix, Holly


Age: 23

Hometown: Colorado, US

Job: Student/Model

Instagram: @hollyscarfone

A Canadian psychology student not looking to settle down. Her dream is “to have boyfriends all over the globe.”

'Too Hot to Handle,' Season 3 Cast, Netflix, Izzy


Age: 22

Hometown: Manchester, UK

Job: PT

Instagram: @izfairr

She enjoys playing field hockey and is competitive both in sports and in love, adding a new guy “to her rosta every week.”

'Too Hot to Handle,' Season 3 Cast, Netflix, Jaz


Age: 25

Hometown: Virginia, US

Job: Entrepreneur/Model

Instagram: @jazkills

A fashion designer always “dressed to the nines,” she prefers “situationships” to serious relationships.

'Too Hot to Handle,' Season 3 Cast, Netflix, Nathan


Age: 24

Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

Job: Model

Instagram: @Nathsoan

Described as “Cape Town’s most notorious party animal” who isn’t looking to give up the single life anytime soon.

'Too Hot to Handle,' Season 3 Cast, Netflix, Patrick


Age: 29

Hometown: Hawaii, US

Job: Model/Actor

Instagram: @Thepatmullen

A “6’5 guitar playing Hawaiian hunk” who has charmed women from around the world, fulfilling their “holiday romance fantasies” in the Aloha state.

'Too Hot to Handle,' Season 3 Cast, Netflix, Stevan


Age: 26

Hometown: Los Angeles, US

Job: Model

Instagram: @stevanditter

His parents couldn’t choose between the names Evan and Steve, resulting in his name, Stevan. He won the award for “biggest flirt” in high school.

'Too Hot to Handle,' Season 3 Cast, Netflix, Truth


Age: 23

Hometown: Texas, US

Job: Student

Instagram: @truthsworld

A criminology student and basketball player who is used to “scoring on and off the court.”