First Look at Marcia Cross, Lisa Rinna & More in ‘This Close’ Season 2 (PHOTOS)

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Michael Moriatis/SundanceNow
Michael Moriatis/SundanceNow

Nyle DiMarco as Ben, with Shoshannah Stern as Kate

Michael Moriatis/SundanceNow

Josh Feldman as Michael and Lisa Rinna as Priscilla

Michael Moriatis/SundanceNow

Marylouise Burke as Hollis, Kate, and Marcia Cross as Blythe

Michael Moriatis/SundanceNow

Cheryl Hines as Stella, with Kate

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The very funny, very touching dramedy This Close returns to SundanceTV for its second season on September 12, and just as with the first set of episodes, there will be guest stars galore to enjoy.

TV Insider has an exclusive first look at some of these familiar faces, both those reprising their Season 1 roles and those joining the cast.

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The first season ended with Kate (Shoshannah Stern) and Michael (Josh Feldman) at odds — just before he got hit by a car. In Season 2, they’re determined to reboot their friendship while dealing with their own struggles. Kate’s past returns to haunt her in surprising ways as she finds her voice at work, while Michael tries to walk the straight and narrow but everyone sees the truth except for him. They’ll need each other as old flames and distant parents return.

Click through the gallery above to see new guest stars Marcia Cross and Lisa Rinna and returning guest stars Cheryl Hines and Nyle DiMarco alongside Stern and Feldman in Season 2.

This Close, Season 2 Premiere, Thursday, September 12, 12am/11c, SundanceTV