The 9 Most Romantic Moments on ‘The Walking Dead’ (PHOTOS)

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Daryl gives Carol a Cherokee rose

This should be prefaced by saying no, despite years of will-they-won’t-they, these two are not officially “together.” But there was a lengthy period of time when it seemed TWD might go in that direction, and that time began with this adorable scene. Carol (Melissa McBride), distraught and heartbroken over Sophia’s absence, spends most of her days crying alone in the trailers. As a symbol of hope, Daryl (Norman Reedus) gives her a flower. He tells her the story behind the Cherokee roses, and reassures her that “this one bloomed for your little girl.” Swoon.

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The ‘Richonne’ honeymoon

Sure, this was the episode that also gave us the infamous CGI deer. But before that snafu, viewers were treated to some joyful moments between these two lovebirds, including an adorable makeshift dinner date.

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Glenn and Maggie on the supply run

“You’re not the only one who’s lonely,” Maggie tells Glenn in this unexpectedly hilarious scene. She expresses her desire to make their relationship physical (if nothing else, at that point), and Glenn, dumbfounded, simply asks, “Why?” It’s the start of one of TWD’s cutest and most tragic pairings.

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Jesus and Aaron train together

One of the best Walking Dead couples that never really was. We’ll probably never know for sure whether or not Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Jesus (Tom Payne) were ever together, although there certainly would’ve been source material precedent for the pairing. Nonetheless, whether they were a couple at one point or just friends, this was a sweet scene, as was Aaron’s support for Jesus’ leadership.

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Michonne keeps searching

In flashback scenes that are perhaps more heartbreaking than romantic, Michonne didn’t give up on Rick even after she saw the bridge blow up. She kept searching for him along the river for years, and even in the show’s “present day,” she’s still struggling with his loss. It’s a testament to the depth of her love that Michonne, despite all odds, just isn’t willing to let Rick go.

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Rick can’t believe his luck

“How’d I get so lucky, finding you?” Rick muses as he lays in bed with Michonne at the Sanctuary. The adorableness of Richonne was a little tainted at this point — blame AMC for telling viewers exactly when Andrew Lincoln would be departing! — but their comfort with each other and the way they made each other laugh proved they were one of the healthiest, strongest relationships on the show.

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Rick and Michonne get together

A scene three seasons in the making, many fans had seen the ‘Richonne’ kiss coming from the couple’s first meeting. There was no denying the chemistry, but alas, nothing happened between them until after “No Way Out” … and when it finally did, it was both sweet and steamy. A power couple, indeed.

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Eugene meets a potential match

Dating ain’t easy in the apocalypse, and Eugene’s had a pretty rough go of it. Tara was a lesbian. Rosita wasn’t interested. The poor guy seemed ready to give up on love forever, and then he heard a voice over his radio. The duo found common ground and talked all night, and for once, Eugene appeared to be genuinely happy. Will it turn romantic? Will they even meet? Comics readers might know where this story is going, but for now, it at least seems there’s hope for Eugene’s love life.

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Glenn proposes to Maggie

In this beautifully understated moment, Glenn doesn’t have a lengthy speech or even get down on one knee. Instead, with walkers growling in the background, he simply puts a diamond ring in Maggie’s hand — and she tells him “yes.” They know each other so well, and love each other so much, that the question doesn’t even need to be asked.

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The Walking Dead is known for many things — lovable (or hate-able) characters, awarding heartbreaking deaths to the survivors who deserve them least, and, of course, nasty-looking undead corpses with various appendages and strips of flesh dangling off their bodies. But for all the things included in the show’s reputation, “romance” falls well outside it.

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That makes sense. Everyone’s pretty focused on survival, so there’s not a whole lot of lovin’, touchin’ or squeezin’ going on. Of course, that doesn’t stop fans from wanting certain characters to get together, and sometimes they do.

From Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) to Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan), here are nine of the most romantic moments on a show that doesn’t spare much time for romance.

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