8 Things You Might’ve Missed in the New ‘Walking Dead’ Trailer (PHOTOS)

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New, Unique Characters

Daryl and Carol are great examples of how the TWD franchise can excel when it’s not going off its comics blueprint. Daryl’s not in the source material, and on Kirkman’s pages, Carol (who hardly resembles her on-screen counterpart) died at the prison. Other characters, like Morgan (Lennie James) have also remained relatively interesting without comic source material to draw from.

All of this to say, it’ll be interesting if the show invents its own cast of characters rather than drawing from the comics or retaining most of the TWD cast. Some of the most interesting characters in the franchise—Daryl and Carol, Nick, Madison and Alicia Clark, Troy Otto—didn’t come from source material, and it’ll be interesting to see who Angela Kang concocts for Daryl and Carol to encounter.

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Connie and Magna, trapped together?

It’s interesting that the trailer pairs off Connie (Lauren Ridloff) and Magna (Nadia Hilker), since they’re two characters who haven’t been seen in “outside the cave” footage AMC has released from the second half of the season. It seems their fates could be tied; could both die in the cave? Could one sacrifice themselves for the other?

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Daryl and… someone?

As if we didn’t know Daryl would be making it out of the cave, here’s proof. But even more interesting is the fact that someone else is with him here, as evidenced by the disembodied hand next to him. Could that be Carol (Melissa McBride)? Lydia (Cassady McClincy)? Time will tell.

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Michonne’s last episode

We know the second half of the season will feature Danai Gurira’s last episode as Michonne. Hopefully there’ll be an entire episode devoted to her character, and based on what we see here and glimpsed in the Comic-Con trailer (with her holding Lucille) it could be a pretty wild ride. Given that it looks like she’s wearing her old vest here, this appears to be a flashback.

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Here’s Negan!

He finally got his skin suit. But, if you look closer, that face looks familiar — it looks like he’s wearing Gamma’s (Thora Birch) mask. Could this all be part of his vow to Alpha to sniff out the traitor in her ranks?

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Negan’s big moment

Granted, this could just be a setup for yet another conversation between the two. But if TWD is following the comics as far as Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)’s storyline regarding Alpha (Samantha Morton), something huge could happen in this scene … and it might just mean Alpha’s end. The gigantic knife on Negan’s belt certainly points to it being that fateful moment.

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Luke’s alive, for now

Many fans speculated that Luke might not live to see Season 11 based on the fact that his actor, Dan Fogler, will have to film the third Fantastic Beasts installment this summer. It seems he at least makes it to the battle at Hilltop, since his ponytail and weapon are visible here.

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Kelly makes it out of the cave

Carol, Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Kelly (Angel Theory) are all accounted for. If you look in the background of this scene, Kelly’s standing next to Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura).

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A grave situation

The image that precedes this shot — a hand clawing its way up out of a grave — is chilling. Equally chilling is the fact that that hand appears to belong to none other than Beta (Ryan Hurst), since he’s standing in front of that grave in this shot. What a creepily cool way for him to break into Alexandria.

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We’ve still got another three weeks to go until this dreadfully long Walking Dead hiatus ends. Thankfully, AMC is whetting fans’ appetites with short teaser trailers — and this one had some interesting tidbits packed into its quick shots.

Here are eight things you might’ve skipped in some of those blink-and-you’d-miss-it moments.

The Walking Dead, Season 10 Midseason Premiere, February 23, 2020, 9/8c, AMC