9 Times ‘Ted Lasso’ Made Us Cry Like Babies

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[WARNING: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Ted Lasso Season 2, Episodes 1- 8.]

Ted Lasso is known by most viewers as a feel-good show, but the Apple TV+ comedy has had its fair share of dramatic and emotional moments as well.

In the show’s ongoing second season, these tear-inducing scenes have become more commonplace, particularly in the eighth installment, “Man City.” And although it’s easy to rejoice in the lighter quips and storylines, there’s a lot of heaviness going on in the charming show. So, below, we’re rounding up some of the particular times in which Ted Lasso has made viewers cry, and let us know which scenes bring a tear to your eye in the comments section.

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Trent Sees Ted for Who He Is

Early on in the show when Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) was still scheming against Ted’s (Jason Sudeikis) success, she sets up a day for The Independent‘s reporter Trent Crimm (James Lance) to follow A.F.C. Richmond’s new coach. Although the set-up is made to reflect poorly on Ted, Trent learns what the audience has at that point, which is that Ted is a sweet man with pure intentions. His kind words reflect how we all feel about him, providing hope that all others Ted encounters will one day feel the same.

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Ted Lets Michelle Go

After it’s implied that Ted’s having marriage troubles in the first few episodes of Season 1, his wife Michelle (Andrea Anders) and son Henry (Gus Turner) make their way from the U.S. over to England to catch a match in person. While the episode makes way for one of Ted’s first victories as an A.F.C. Richmond coach, it also sets up an emotional parting of ways for him and Michelle as he agrees to let her go. Their tearful goodbye in the rain was the first real moment that conveyed the emotional depths the series could reach and the use of Mumford & Son’s “Forever” doesn’t hurt in helping the tears along either.

Ted Lasso - Season 1 - Jason Sudeikis and Hannah Waddingham
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Ted's First Full Panic Attack

Following a traveling game’s victory, Ted, Rebecca, and the rest of the gang celebrate at a local karaoke bar, but his emotions get the best of him after having signed divorce papers earlier that day. Ted’s hands begin to shake and his hearing cuts out as he bolts for the exit. Rebecca’s quick to find the coach and talk him through the tough moment. But it’s hard to deny that our hearts were breaking seeing the sunshiny man tearing at the seams.

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A Round of Darts to Remember

When Rebecca’s ex Rupert (Anthony Head) agrees to play a round of darts under the bet that he’d no longer be allowed to attend A.F.C. Richmond games in the owner’s box if Ted wins, viewers are treated to a tear and cheer-inducing exchange. Exposing Rupert for his superficial assumptions, Ted opens up about his past a bit, telling everyone about his years playing darts with his dad as well as about the importance of being curious and not judgmental.

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That Extra Pass

While the Season 1 finale’s fitting title “The Hope That Kills You” comes to fruition upon A.F.C. Richmond’s loss against Manchester City, it isn’t Ted’s locker room pep-talk and a reminder by Sam (Toheeb Jimoh) to “be like a goldfish” that had us in tears. No, it’s the note he gives to Coach Beard to pass onto Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) who was returned to Man City. After beating his old team with a game-winning pass, viewers see the abuse Jamie faces from his father who is mad about his team-player attitude. Ted’s note of saying “way to make the extra pass,” is an acknowledgment of his toughest player’s growth.

Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent in Ted Lasso Season 2
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Roy Comes Home

Who doesn’t love a rom-com every now and then? In Season 2’s episode “Rainbow,” Roy (Brett Goldstein) makes his grand re-entrance to the pitch after deciding he belongs with A.F.C. Richmond as a coach rather than commentating with Sky. His emotional deep breath and joyful reunion with Ted and the rest of the gang on the sidelines is anything but sad, but we’d be lying if we said our eyes were dry by the end of the scene.

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Ted Breaks Down

In Season 2’s installment, “The Signal,” brewing worries manifest in another panic attack for Ted who has to rush off of the pitch during a match. Happening in the final moments of the episode, Ted goes to Dr. Sharon Fieldstone’s (Sarah Niles) office where he admits he needs help. Needless to say, it hurts seeing the sweet coach in such pain.

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Roy Comforts Jamie

When A.F.C. Richmond plays at Wembley in Season 2’s “Man City, ” Jamie’s father James (Kieran O’Brien) comes to watch, but a disappointing loss leads to a locker room confrontation for all to see. After Jamie’s father is forcibly removed from the space, the first teammate to provide him comfort is former foe and new coach Roy Kent. The gesture is so meaningful, it would be heartless to feel nothing upon witnessing the moment.

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The Big Reveal

Despite troubles in opening up to Dr. Sharon about the things that bother him, Ted finds the courage to finally speak up after witnessing the locker room chaos Jamie’s father inflicted. Dialing Dr. Sharon up, he calls to tell her that his father killed himself. Learning about this trauma certainly explains a lot of Ted’s behaviors, but it also leaves viewers emotionally wrecked.