7 Burning Questions for 'Supergirl' Season 6

Supergirl Season 6 Burning Questions
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 5 finale of Supergirl, "Immortal Kombat."]

Kara (Melissa Benoist), Alex (Chyler Leigh), J'onn (David Harewood), Nia (Nicole Maines), Kelly (Azie Tesfai), and M'gann (Sharon Leal) got some help from Lena (Katie McGrath) in the fight against Leviathan in the Supergirl Season 5 finale.

Brainy (Jesse Rath), despite working with Lex (Jon Cryer), turned on the Luthor and put his own plan into motion to stop the immortals—by shrinking and bottling them. It worked but may have had fatal consequences for him. Is there any hope now that the others, alerted by Nia's dreams, know he needs their help?

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Meanwhile, Kara and Lena finally talked through their problems and were on the same page by the end of "Immortal Kombat." But major threats still loom, and while we don't know exactly when we'll see what's coming next, we have some questions we need to see addressed in the sixth season that's on tap for 2021.

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Supergirl Season 6 Burning Question Brainy Alive Dead
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Is Brainy dead?

Though Brainy had been working with Lex Luthor, he scrapped that alliance and chose to stop Leviathan and protect his friends. Lex was insisting that Supergirl be killed first, before they took out the immortals, but Brainy took action himself. In what was basically a suicide mission, he boarded the Leviathan’s ship without protection from its defense mechanism. He accomplished his goal of shrinking and bottling Leviathan—but he was dying when we last saw him.

Nia finally figured out what her latest dreams meant, though, and by episode’s end, she and the others were presumably on their way to him. Do they get to him in time? And if so, is there anything they can do that will help him?

Supergirl Season 6 Burning Question Kara Lena Friendship
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Will Kara and Lena completely put the past behind them?

The two were truly on opposing sides once Kara learned that Lena (thanks to her brother, Lex) already knew her identity as Supergirl and was out to hurt her. (Kara even saw her friend as a “villain” at one point.) But in the finale, they finally talked things out while working together to stop Leviathan.

Lena saw that Kara was just trying to protect her; the Luthor also acknowledged that she’d put up a wall because Kara hurt her.
Kara wasn’t ready to forgive her at the beginning of the episode, but that changed after Lena came through for her. Then they were ready to join forces to stop Lex. But what will their relationship look like in Season 6? Will it be stronger now that there are no more secrets between them? Or still rocky?
Supergirl Season 6 Burning Question Lillian Lex Plan
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What exactly are Lex and Lillian up to?

Nothing good, obviously. Lex had expected Brainy to shrink and bottle the immortals, and it seemed that move played right into the plan he’d had all along. Lex may have been down one Luthor ally after Lena turned on him, but in the final scene, he joined his mother, Lillian, with the bottled Leviathan. “Let’s get to work, doc,” he said.

Can whatever it is they’re cooking up be stopped? Kara and Lena will do whatever they can to thwart Lex, but it’s not going to be easy.

Supergirl Season 6 Burning Question Eve Killed Jeremiah
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When will Kara and Alex find out Eve killed Jeremiah?

Lex manipulated Eve (Andrea Brooks) into killing Jeremiah (Dean Cain) by telling her Kara and Alex’s dad had killed her father. Supergirl was able to convince Eve to reveal everything she knew about Leviathan and even brought Eve’s mother to her at the end of the episode. But Eve has yet to confess her crime, and that secret has to come out. (At least this means we’ll see more of Eve in Season 6, right?)

Supergirl Season 6 Burning Question Gemma Higher Power
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What exactly happened to Gemma?

After Brainy bottled Leviathan, Gemma’s (Cara Buono) body turned into some kind of robot (above). What’s going on, and is the “higher power” she answered to involved? If Gemma had hit the kill switch earlier than planned on those in Obsidian’s VR world, that power’s reaction would have been “tomorrow’s” problem, but now it’s looking like that’s next season’s concern.

Supergirl Season 6 Burning Question William Andrea
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Will everyone be back for Season 6?

Namely, we’re wondering about Andrea (Julia Gonzalo) and William (Staz Nair), since we’re assuming all of Kara’s allies will return in some capacity. But since the storyline with Obsidian’s VR world seems to be finished and Andrea could very well still be worried about the consequences of not following Leviathan’s order to kill Supergirl, she may not have as big a role to play.

And it’s unclear exactly what William’s role might be going forward. A possible romance with Kara was teased, but it’s also easy to see the journalist written out by having him take a job elsewhere. After all, William did end up in the crossfire and get shot by Eve as he looked into Lex’s dealings. We’ll have to see if that investigation continues in Season 6.

Supergirl Season 6 Burning Question Superman Lois Spinoff
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What might Superman & Lois reveal?

The Arrowverse spinoff is tentatively set for January 21, but Supergirl doesn’t yet have a return date. Might we get some hints about what to expect on Supergirl from Clark and Lois?