5 Stephen King Shows You Need to Watch Right Now (PHOTOS)

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Mr. Mercedes
Cliff Lipson/Hulu

Mr. Mercedes (AT&T Audience Network)

Bill Hodges, a retired detective, is hung up on a case involving 16 sudden deaths. He will do anything to get to the bottom of it (even if it means wearing a clown suit). In the very Stephen King- esque drama, the detective must win his way through mind games until he gets the answers he is looking for.

Bill Skarsgard in Castle Rock
Patrick Harbron/Hulu

Castle Rock (Hulu)

This makes Bill Skarsgard’s third appearance in Stephen King’s multiverse. This time around he plays, “The Kid,” a mute man being kept in a cage underneath the infamous Shawshank Prison. Andre Holland’s character, Attorney Henry Deaver, returns to Castle Rock to help “The Kid,'” and we follow them through haunting tales and an unsettling past.

Sven Frenzel/Hulu

11/22/63 (Hulu)

The mini thriller series is as sci-fi as the King franchise gets. Jake Epping, played by James Franco, must go back in time to prevent one of the most historic assassinations in America: John F. Kennedy’s.


Under the Dome (Amazon Prime Video)

This is perhaps King’s most mystifying series, as viewers will spend the entirety of the three seasons trying to get answers to their questions. It’s hard to make any sense of the extraterrestrial happenings in the show, but random purple explosions and a questionable egg keep the storyline intriguing. While everyone tries to figure out why a small town like Chester’s Mill is trapped under a formidable dome, councilman James Rennie (played by certified bad guy Dean Norris) only makes matters worse.


It (Available to Watch on YouTube)

Last but not least, It is Stephen King’s most classic piece. It may be an older work with arguably tacky special effects, but it remains one of the creepiest movies to date for children (and adults). Just in case the 135 minute-long 2017 film was not enough, you can always revisit the 1990 miniseries for some extended thrills.

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Stephen King will be bringing us some more spooks this Halloween season. The horror novelist has collaborated with the likes of J.J. Abrams (Lost), Marty Bowen (The Maze Runner), Richard P. Rubinstein (Dawn of the Dead), and Peter R. McIntosh (Gone Girl) to produce even more adaptations of his award-winning work.

Among the adaptations arriving this fall are Creepshow (Shudder), The Stand (CBS All Access), Lisey’s Story (Apple TV), and The Outsiders (HBO).

Creepshow, which premiered September 26, is the first of the highly anticipated series while The Outsiders debuts last in January 2020. Whether you are looking for an anthology series or a catatonic thriller to binge-watch, you are definitely in for a killer treat.

In the meantime, we have 5 shows you can watch right now to prepare you for a whole new season of scares. Click through the gallery above for our recommended batch of Stephen King’s finest (and most frightening) adaptations to date!