10 New ‘Star Wars’ Heroes & Villains You Should Be Excited to Meet in ‘Visions’ (PHOTOS)

Tajin and The Elder in Star Wars Visions

Star Wars: Visions is arriving on Disney+ on September 22, and it promises to further extend the Star Wars universe with the addition of new characters to the galaxy.

The Lucasfilm-produced TV series is an animated anthology of nine short films from various Japanese animation studios. These brand-new creative perspectives will offer a look at Star Wars through the eyes of anime creators. StarWars.com has released new details about a number of the heroes and villains being introduced.

We’ve rounded up all you need to know below. With all episodes dropping on the same day, you may want to start familiarizing yourself with all the new faces.

Star Wars: Visions, Series Premiere, Wednesday, September 22, Disney+

Star Wars: Visions, Ronin, Disney+

Ronin (Hero)

Ronin (Brian Tee) lives up to meaning behind his name, as the Japanese word typically refers to a wandering samurai. Little is known about Ronin’s background as viewers “are only given the same limited amount of information about the protagonist that is given to other characters of this short,” says producer Kanako Shirasaki. Although he’s a wanderer, this short shows Ronin’s journey to face his destiny which involves a duel with a powerful foe.

Star Wars: Visions, Sith Bandit Leader, Disney+, The Duel

Sith Bandit Leader (Villain)

The Sith Bandit Leader (Lucy Liu) is truly a worthy adversary for Ronin with her lightsaber umbrella that is unlike any weapon seen so far. Her character design conveys her powerful presence, and the sabers only add to her intimidating demeanor. She’s an assassin whose “dynamic action and fighting sequences” rival those of Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace, says co-executive producer Justin Leach.

Star Wars: Visions, Lop, Disney+

Lop (Hero)

Lop (Anna Cathcart) is a rabbit-like humanoid and one of the two main characters in Episode 2, “Lop and Ocho.” The story delves into the beloved theme of found family as the enslaved orphan is sent to a new planet where she quickly bonds with a local girl named Ocho (Hiromi Dames). Not only is Lop one of the few non-human main characters in the Star Wars franchise, but she is also the first of her species to be introduced.

Star Wars: Visions, Karre, Disney+

Karre (Hero)

Karre (Neil Patrick Harris) and his twin sister Am (Alison Brie) were raised on the Dark Side of the Force by the remaining members of the Imperial Army. Although the twins possess immense power and already sit upon thrones in their Star Destroyer, “Karre has a crisis of conscience born out of love for his sister” that ultimately leads him to forge his own path, says executive producer Josh Rimes. Karre fights for his sister despite her refusal for help because she is the only family he’s ever known.

Star Wars: Visions, Am, Disney+

Am (Villain)

Unlike her twin, Karre, Am is content with the destiny laid before her of ruling the galaxy. She is “consumed by her desire for power, and blind to the danger she faces,” says Leach. Am resists Karre’s desperate attempts to save her and continues down the path of becoming the ultimate Dark Lord. Am wears an all black suit reminiscent of Darth Vader’s and wields six lightsabers at the same time.

Star Wars: Visions, Dan, Disney+

Dan (Hero)

A sarcastic Padawan learner, Dan (Jordan Fisher) is eager to throw himself into the heart of Jedi action despite the teachings of his cautious master, Tajin (David Harbour). His impatience results in a hard life lesson “about what it means to seek out a fight or to underestimate an opponent,” Rimes says. Dan and Tajin’s dynamic gives another take on the well-known and much beloved mentorship between a Padawan and their master.

Star Wars: Visions, The Elder, Disney+, The Elder

The Elder (Villain)

Opposing Dan and Tajin is the titular character of Episode 5, an enemy simply known as the Elder (James Hong). He looks to be very Sith-like, but his intentions are geared more towards mastering his swordsman skills rather than gaining power— a mindset not seen in previous Dark Siders. His small twin sabers do, however, sport the same red glow. In his hunt for worthy opponents, the Elder takes on his greatest enemy yet, “time itself—and must face his own mortality,” says Leach.

Star Wars: Visions, T0-B1, Disney+

T0-B1 (Hero)

Droids are typically designated as sidekicks in the Star Wars universe, but this isn’t the case for T0-B1 (Jaden Waldman) and his coming of age story. T0-B1 dreams of becoming a Jedi, but by pretending to be one, he catches the attention of an Inquisitor who arrives to hunt him down. Going up against the Inquisitor pushes T0-B1 to find a sense of independence and develop his own inner strength.

Star Wars: Visions, Inquisitor, Disney+

The Inquisitor (Villain)

Inquisitors are no new foe to the heroes of Star Wars. Under the leadership of Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire, these dark siders have the sole mission of hunting down and eliminating all surviving Jedi after Order 66. As if this inquisitor’s medieval black knight inspired look wasn’t menacing enough, he’s very “animal-like, exposing a mouth full of teeth as he screams in anger,” says Leach.

Star Wars: Visions, Kara, Disney+

Kara (Hero)

Due to her father’s status as a legendary lightsaber-smith, Kara (Kimiko Glenn) believes “one day she’ll have what it takes to wield a lightsaber and learn the ways of the Jedi,” Rimes says. Little does Kara know that she is already in possession of a strong connection to the Force. When enemies arrive, Kara is granted the opportunity to step into her father’s shoes and become the hero she always dreamed she could be. Her natural skill isn’t enough, though, and her search for training may lead her to a Jedi Master who’s looking to revive the Jedi Order.