‘Sex Education’: 8 Questions We Need Answered After the Season 3 Finale

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Sex Education Season 3]

Netflix’s hit dramedy Sex Education returned on September 17 for an eventful (and educational) third season. Following the students of Moordale Secondary School, Season 3 saw the characters faced with new relationships, new drama, and a new Head Teacher looking to whip the so-called “sex school” into shape.

Just as Season 2 ended on the cliffhanger of Otis’ (Asa Butterfield) deleted voicemail to Maeve (Emma Mackey), the Season 3 finale left many unresolved stories open. With Season 4 officially on the way, below are eight questions from the Season 3 finale that need to be answered in the new season.

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'Sex Education' Season 3, Netflix, Gillian Anderson as Jean
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What Were the Results of the Paternity Test?

At the end of Season 2, it was revealed that Jean (Gillian Anderson) was pregnant, presumably with Jakob’s (Mikael Persbrandt) child. As their relationship was tested throughout Season 3, Jakob grew to mistrust Jean and asked if the couple could take a paternity test to prove the child was his. While we never saw the couple take the test, Jean, recovering in the hospital after giving birth to Joy, sorts through her mail and stumbles upon the test results. Upon reading them, she lets out, “Oh sh**,” leaving viewers alarmed about the baby’s true parentage. Is it possible the baby’s father could be her ex-husband Remi (James Purefoy)? After all, the couple’s hookup last season was the reason why she and Jakob broke things off. As far as viewers know, Remi was the only other man she’d slept with around the same time as Jakob, leaving him the most likely candidate.

'Sex Education' Season 3, Netflix, Emma Mackey as Maeve, Asa Butterfield as Otis
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Will Otis & Maeve Ever Get to be Together?

After being the show’s resident “will-they-won’t-they” couple, some progress was made in Otis and Maeve’s relationship after the contents of Otis’ deleted voicemail was revealed. The pair kissed not once, but twice this season, as they revealed their feelings for each at the end of Episode 7. Things were looking bright for their relationship until Maeve decided to go to America for the Gifted and Talented Program. As she bid farewell to Otis, she told him that it wasn’t goodbye, but rather “see you soon.” Being ripped apart as soon as they got together leaves the future of their relationship up in the air, as anything could happen to either of them while Maeve is abroad. Could Maeve choose to stay in America to pursue her education, or could Otis re-spark his romance with Ruby (Mimi Keene)?

'Sex Education' Season 3, Netflix, Ncuti Gatwa as Eric, Connor Swindells as Adam
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Is This the End for Eric & Adam?

Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) and Adam (Connor Swindells) have developed so much since Season 1 and were one of the best couples of Season 3… until they broke up. Things changed for Eric after his family’s trip to Nigeria in Episode 6 when he kissed wedding photographer Oba (Jerry Iwu) during a night out on the town. Between the kiss and Adam’s difficulty expressing his feelings, the two called it quits, leaving viewers’ hearts broken for the enemies-to-lovers pair. Given how much Eric helped Adam come out of his shell and grow into a better person, he may not be ready to let him go. Could some time apart pull the two back together, or will Eric need Adam to become comfortable enough with himself to not feel held back?

'Sex Education' Season 3, Netflix, Kedar Williams-Stirling as Jackson, Dua Saleh as Cal
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Will Cal & Jackson Stay Friends?

At the beginning of the season, Jackson (Kedar Williams-Stirling) quickly developed a crush on new non-binary student Cal (Dua Saleh), and the two formed a strong friendship. Their feelings for each other progressed throughout the season, but a few kisses and make-out sessions weren’t enough to jump-start a relationship. The pair put a pause on going any further after Cal believed that Jackson still saw them as female and that he may not be what they are looking for in a relationship. Despite Jackson’s best efforts to be open, he agreed, and the two ended the season on a bittersweet note. The two care for each other a lot, but time will have to determine if they care for each other as friends or more than that.

'Sex Education' Season 3, Netflix, Connor Swindells as Adam, Samantha Spiro as Maureen
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Will the Groff Family Make Amends?

The Groff family has been through a lot. Between Adam’s difficult relationship with his father (Alistair Petrie), Mrs. Groff (Samantha Spiro) asking for a divorce, and Adam figuring out his identity, the season was the start of a new chapter for the family of three. As Adam and Mrs. Groff were happy in new relationships, it took Michael living with his bully older brother Peter (Jason Isaacs) to realize his wrongdoings and bring his family back together. After a passionate one-night stand reunited the divorced couple, Mrs. Groff prevented things from continuing further for Adam’s sake. Will the couple ever get back together, or was their split a truly good thing?

'Sex Education' Season 3, Netflix, Emma Mackey as Maeve, Anne-Marie Duff as Erin
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Is Maeve’s Mom Gone for Good?

While Maeve’s relationship with her mother Erin (Anne Marie-Duff) was never a stable one, things took a turn for the worse when she turned her in to Child Services at the end of Season 2 to protect her younger sister Elsie. With Elsie now in a foster home, Erin held Maeve responsible for ruining her chance to be a mother again. As the two started to make amends, Erin stole Elsie away, leaving Maeve to find her and convince her that Elsie’s situation was for the best. To avoid being arrested, Erin ran away, but not before giving Maeve enough money to go on her America trip. Is this the last we’ll see of Erin? How long will she be on the run? Will Maeve finally get a chance at a normal family with Elsie’s foster mom, Anna (Indra Ové)?

'Sex Education' Season 3, Netflix - Chris Jenks as Steve, Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee, Emma Mackey as Maeve
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What’s Next for Aimee?

Throughout the season, Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood) was searching to re-discover herself after her traumatic sexual assault in Season 2. During multiple therapy sessions with Jean, she was able to fully come to terms with what happened to her, paving the way to become her own person again. A big fight with Maeve left Aimee questioning her privileges in life, as well as whether to end her stagnant relationship with Steve (Chris Jenks). While her friendship with Maeve was stronger than ever by the end of the season, she ultimately chose to break up with Steve. With an empowered Aimee ready to start the next chapter of her life, there’s no limit to what’s she will do next!

'Sex Education' Season 3, Netflix, Ncuti Gatwa as Eric, Jemima Kirke as Hope
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Is This the End of Moordale?

New Head Teacher Hope (Jemima Kirke) shook things up for the students of Moordale Secondary School by enforcing new uniforms, erasing students’ individuality, and instating an entirely different sex education curriculum. Furious over her harsh policies, the students launched a protest at the school’s Open Day for the press, bashing her abstinence-focused lessons and stating the importance of teaching safe sex practices in a tongue-in-cheek informational video. Little did they know that their actions would cause investors to pull the school’s funding, leaving the school up for sale to developers. The future of Moordale and its students are left up in the air, with many characters worried about how they will finish their education. With Moordale no more, Season 4 may see the characters split apart at different schools, opening the door for many new storylines and characters to join the mix.