‘The Crown’: 10 of Princess Diana’s Best Recreated Looks From Season 4 (PHOTOS)

princess diana the crown season 4
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The Crown‘s fourth season spends much of its time on the next generation of royals, with a special focus on Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) and, of course, Princess Diana (Emma Corrin). Translation: Viewers get to feast on lots of drop-dead gorgeous clothes thanks to the princess’ well-documented sense of fashion.

Known throughout the ’80s and ’90s as a fashion icon, the People’s Princess was photographed in various ensembles, many of which were beautifully recreated for Netflix’s stunning drama. Whether she’s wearing sophisticated gowns or casual cardigans, The Crown perfectly captures Diana’s look throughout Season 4’s 10 episodes.

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Below, we round up 10 of Diana’s best Crown looks. Scroll down to see the careful attention to detail taken by the show’s costume designers, a feat for which we’ll gladly tip our fascinators.

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the crown season 4 princess diana
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Yellow Overalls

Episode: 1, “Gold Stick”

The Look: Yellow overalls. In real life, Diana’s yellow overalls made an appearance at a 1981 polo match. In The Crown‘s Diana wears them when she meets Charles for the second time, when she wears a cardigan resembling the colorful pattern seen in Di’s original blouse.

Princess Diana The Crown Pink Alpaca Sweater
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The Pink Alpaca Jumper

Episode: 2, “The Balmoral Test”

The Look: A pink sweater. When Diana first meets Charles’ family in the show, she goes through a series of unofficial tests at their Scotland-based castle, where she’s seen in the sweater as she bids her prince farewell. Diana famously wore the garment in 1981 during a visit to Craigowen Lodge in Balmoral. At the time, she and Prince Charles were engaged.

the crown season 4 diana emma corrin
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Pink Plaid

Episode: 3, “Fairytale”

The Look: Casual pink pants and sweater. On The Crown, Diana wears this outfit as she skates the halls of Buckingham. In reality, the princess was photographed wearing the outfit at Highgrove House in 1986. Rather than donning a pullover like Emma Corrin does in The Crown, Diana’s pink sweater was a cardigan.

The Crown Season 4 Diana Black Sheep
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The Black Sheep Sweater

Episode: 3, “Fairytale”

The Look: Black Sheep jumper from Muir & Osborne. In real life, this sweater was worn during a polo match in 1981 before her wedding to Charles. In the show, fans see Diana in the cozy sweater while lounging in her Buckingham Palace quarters before her wedding.

the crown season 4 princess diana prince charles
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Blue Engagement Look

Episode: 3, “Fairytale”

The Look: Blue suit. One of the show’s most perfect recreations has to be Diana’s engagement outfit, which she wore when it was announced that she and Prince Charles would be married. From the white blouse to the blue coat, the show’s recreation of this major royal moment is nearly identical.

the crown season 4 princess diana
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The Wedding Dress

Episode: 3, “Fairytale”

The Look: The wedding dress! The Crown did not mess with one of the most iconic wedding gowns in pop culture. Originally designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel justice, the show stays true to its puffy sleeves frilly collar, and bows. The show even used lace from the original supplier that made Princess Diana’s dress.

the crown season 4 princess diana
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The Blue and Silver Ballgown

Episode: 6, “Terra Nullius”

The Look: Sky-blue gown. During Diana and Charles’ actual Australian tour, the couple were invited to a gala dinner at the Wentworth Hotel in Sydney. The show captures this event and their joyous dance as the princess, in real life, glowed in a Bruce Oldfield gown, which is perfectly done by The Crown‘s costume designers.

the crown season 4 princess diana
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Pretty in Pink

Episode: 6, “Terra Nullius”

The Look: One of Diana’s other Australian tour looks included this pink hat and dress combo. Although the show’s version has some subtle differences, e.g., it leaves the white polka dots by the wayside, it still captures the structure of Di’s hat.

the crown season 4 diana
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Episode: 6, “Terra Nullius”

The Look: Teal-colored dress and hat. Mirroring reality, The Crown copies the dress and hat combo Diana wore to meet the Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

The Crown Season 4 Princess Diana
Netflix; Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

New York City Style

Episode: 10, “War”

The Look: Gown and cropped jacket. On her first solo New York City tour (in 1989), Diana donned this regal evening dress. Corrin’s Diana wears a near-perfect recreation of the princess’ look.