6 Ways to Get Your 'Outlander' Fix Until It Returns in 2020 (PHOTOS)

Meaghan Darwish

Outlander's loyal viewers have become experts in patience over the years. And Starz's recent announcement that the series won't return for Season 5 until 2020 marks the beginning of yet another Droughtlander for fans.

And while new episodes may be far off, there's still plenty of Outlander-related experiences and content to look into in the meantime. From a newly-announced podcast to Netflix's invitation to binge from the beginning, there's more than a few ways to power through this hiatus.

16 Times 'Outlander's Jamie & Claire Were Relationship Goals (PHOTOS)

16 Times 'Outlander's Jamie & Claire Were Relationship Goals (PHOTOS)

The fan-favorite TV couple has set the relationship bar high.

Click through the gallery above for some Outlander withdrawal remedies, and let us know what you're doing to beat the Droughtlander in the comments below.

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