7 Things We’re Looking Forward to in ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 7 (PHOTOS)

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Seeing Piper’s life on the outside

Piper’s entrance into prison life is what kicked off the series way back in Season One, so it only makes sense that Orange Is the New Black would take us into its final season with her release. Piper’s come a long way from her time with ex-fiancé Larry and former best friend Polly, and we definitely want to see what a new life is like for her on the outside, especially how it will affect her relationship with Alex.


Understanding what Barb and Carol’s deaths mean for the prison and its power hierarchies

Last season, tensions in the prison escalated when the inmates were moved to Max and divided into different rival cell blocks with long histories. Carol and Barb Denning were the ringleaders for two of these main cellblocks, C-Block and D-Block, respectively. The season finale saw these sisters take their sibling rivalry to the ultimate height, killing each other during the big kickball game. Given their status in the prison, we’re likely to see the fallout of their deaths in the episodes to come.


Seeing Taystee’s fate after the verdict

Fans were heartbroken, although probably unsurprised, to see Taystee found guilty of second-degree murder for her participation in the riot. We know Taystee is now faced with a life sentence, but with Caputo determined to make the officer covering up Piscatella’s murder pay for his actions, who knows what will happen?


Finding out what happens to Blanca after she’s taken into custody

Like Piper, Blanca was supposed to enjoy an early release from the prison and find her loved one waiting for her on the outside. Instead, she and other immigrant parolees from the prison are taken by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). With Blanca’s boyfriend, Diablo, left dejected and the couple’s hopes for having a baby soon shattered, the show simply must provide resolution to this heartbreaking story.


Seeing how Lorna’s pregnancy and trip to medical pans out

After a whirlwind emotional ride over the seasons following the resident cheerful inmate’s romantic ups and downs and hopes of having a child, fans were left seeing a very pregnant Lorna being whisked to medical. At this point in the series, we know we can’t expect a default happy ending for any story, so we’ll be waiting to see if Lorna’s dreams of motherhood will happily and healthily come to fruition.


Finding out more about what PolyCon will do to the prison

A lot happens with the prison itself after the riots from Season 5: oversight of Litchfield changes from Management & Correction Corporation (MCC) to a company called PolyCon. PolyCon spares no time making big changes, like partnering with ICE to open detention centers, so we’re expecting even more drastic initiatives to follow.


Watching Aleida’s continued drug operation implode—or succeed

In the season finale, Aleida comes to a crossroads when she finds out Daya has been getting high off the drug supply she and Officer Hopper have been sneaking into the prison. Aleida ultimately decides she needs the money from the dealings to pay to get her children out of foster care, so the operation will continue. While we have a bad feeling about the outcome of this one, we’ll have to wait until Season 7 for a final resolution.

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Orange Is the New Black‘s sixth season left us on quite a few cliffhangers with all our favorite Litchfield ladies, from unexpected deaths to new prison releases.

And with the series’ upcoming seventh and final season, we’re looking for a lot of closure with several storylines from last time.

Click through the above gallery to find out what we’re hoping to see from the hit Netflix show this summer.

Orange is the New Black, Final Season Premiere, Friday, July 26, Netflix