‘New Girl’ Sneak Peek: [Spoiler] Is Dead… and You Won’t Believe Who’s Responsible (VIDEO)

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Jesse Giddings/FOX
Jesse Giddings/FOX

Guest star Damon Wayans, Jr. returns as beloved former loft roommate Coach.

Isabella Vosmikova/FOX

Tig Notaro is also featured on Tuesday night’s all new episode.

Ray Mickshaw/FOX

It’s revealed, Coach owes Nick money.

Jesse Giddings/FOX

Guest star David Walton is also back! He plays Dr. Sam Sweeney, Jess’ ex from previous seasons.

Jesse Giddings/FOX

A very pregnant Ali (Nasim Pedrad) and Winston (Morris) share a laugh.

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[Warning: The below contains SPOILERS for the May 1 episode of New Girl.]

In this week’s all-new episode of New Girl, the loft gang gathers for a very important day of remembrance — the one-year anniversary of the death of Winston’s (Lamorne Morris) beloved cat, Furguson.

Meanwhile, Jess (Zooey Deschanel) learns that Coach — welcome back, Damon Wayans Jr.! — owes Nick (Jake Johnson) quite a large sum of money. Plus, another familiar (and handsome) face is back…

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In this exclusive clip, the friends find out the reason behind Winston’s furry friend’s demise. Let’s just say, one of the loft-mates is involved.

Watch below and click through the gallery above for photos from the episode:

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