6 ‘Batwoman’ Storylines That Will Change Without Kate Kane

Batwoman Without Kate Kane Changes
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When Batwoman Season 2 begins, there will be someone new protecting Gotham as the titular hero.

While recasting the role of Kate Kane after Ruby Rose’s exit would have raised some questions in-show, bringing in a new character changes up quite a few of the ongoing storylines. Now, the person under the cowl isn’t going to be the villainous Alice’s (Rachel Skarsten) sister. Now, that shocking final scene of Season 1 and the “reunion” it set up won’t hold the same weight.

Why 'Batwoman' Will 'Reboot' With a New Character Instead of Recasting KateSee Also

Why 'Batwoman' Will 'Reboot' With a New Character Instead of Recasting Kate

Plus, find out more details about the new character picking up the cape.

Scroll down for those and other plots and dynamics that won’t be the same going forward.

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Batwoman Alice Kate Suit
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Alice vs. Batwoman

The fight was a personal one for both sisters, and at season’s end, Alice was seeking to kill her sister. But without Kate wearing the suit, what will the reason be for the conflict between the villain and the hero? Will Alice clash with the new character early on to establish that? Will the official introduction of Safiyah allow the series to let that fade into the background for a bit instead of trying to force it?

Batwoman Bruce Wayne Kate Connection
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The "Bruce Wayne" connection

The first season ended with Alice giving the villain Tommy Elliot (Gabriel Mann) the face of Bruce Wayne (Warren Christie) so he could have access to Wayne Enterprises. Inside is the only weapon that can penetrate Batwoman’s suit and she can use against her sister: a piece of kryptonite. But without Kate around, there is no “family reunion.” Instead, any emotional connection to the man they’ll think is Kate’s cousin will have to come from Bruce’s former ally Luke (Camrus Johnson). As great as that will be to see, Alice clearly wanted to use this against her sister.

Batwoman Jacob Kane vs. Hero
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Jacob vs. Batwoman

There was so much story to mine from the fact that the head of the Crows (Dougray Scott) was hunting his daughter and didn’t realize it. But now that someone new will be wearing the cape, will he be going after her just for picking up the mantle? Will he be so far gone in his hatred that he blames this new person for Kate’s past actions? The series loses out on the familial and the antagonistic relationships, depending on if Kate was suited up or not, there.

Batwoman Bat Team Season 1 Luke Mary Kate
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The Bat Team dynamic

It wasn’t until the Season 1 finale that we really saw the team—with Kate’s stepsister Mary (Nicole Kang) officially being part of it—come together. We even saw Mary stand up to Jacob about Batwoman, and the sisters were really sisters. We not only lose that relationship, but we also lose the team’s dynamic. Mary and Luke’s will fortunately continue to be part of the series, but what will happen when the new character joins them? It won’t be the same as when Kate was around.

Batwoman Sophie Relationship
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Sophie's personal connection to Batwoman

One of the big questions of the first season was when Sophie (Meagan Tandy) would find out the truth about her ex-girlfriend and the caped hero she was drawn to. Sure, Sophie was with Kate’s ex, Julia, in the finale, but now that complicated love triangle—and the one with Sophie, Kate, and Batwoman—won’t be present. Does anyone really care if Sophie finds out that a new character is the one under the cowl that her ex-girlfriend once wore? What will this mean for Sophie and her connection to Batwoman going forward?

Batwoman Supergirl Kate Kara Friends
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Batwoman and Supergirl's dynamic

Losing the character of Kate also affects the Arrowverse. Over the past two crossovers, fans have watched Kate and Kara (Melissa Benoist) meet, forming a friendship and partnership similar to that of Arrow‘s Oliver (Stephen Amell) and The Flash‘s Barry (Grant Gustin). Kate even refused to destroy the kryptonite she had without consulting Kara first. But now that’s gone.