6 Storylines ‘NCIS’ Season 18 Should Revisit

NCIS Season 18 Questions
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NCIS ended its season early, and while it hasn’t officially been renewed, chances are very good it will be.

And the series has left a few storylines feeling a bit unfinished, though none on any major cliffhangers. What could be coming up next in a case that dates back to the Season 16 finale? (Remember that? Ziva’s surprise return did overshadow it.) What about the potential relationships between agents? Neither is quite at “Tiva” levels just yet, but there are two will they/won’t they couples at HQ.

Scroll down to see the storylines NCIS should revisit when it returns.

NCIS Season 18 Question Counterfeit Opioids Case
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The counterfeit opioids case

The Season 16 finale introduced the case of the counterfeit opioids coming in from Canada. In the fifth episode of this season, McGee informed Gibbs of a lead, but his boss told him to pass it along to the DEA. However, Gibbs’ behavior in Episode 8, when he ostensibly took a couple days off for “sturgeon season” and then said he was helping Fornell with Emily, suggested that he was busy with something else. Executive producer Frank Cardea did tell TV Insider that the opioids case will be part of Season 18. We’ll have to see if we find out how “Musical Chairs” will be connected.

NCIS Season 18 Question Bishop Training - Emily Wickersham
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Bishop training under Odette

The ex-CIA instructor and Ziva’s “landlord” saw something in Bishop when they crossed paths, and she offered the agent “specialized training.” Bishop clearly took her up on it, but all we saw onscreen was Ellie donating too much of her stuff and a text from Odette setting up a meeting. While seeing changes in Bishop at work around the others is great, hopefully Season 18 also shows at least one of those training sessions.

NCIS Season 18 Question Jack Gibbs Bishop Torres Romance
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The agents' potential romantic relationships

Going forward, NCIS could explore relationships between Bishop and Torres and Gibbs and Jack. Both pairs shared significant moments during Season 17 — what was in that letter from Torres?! — and it’s about time that at least one of them takes some sort of step forward. (Don’t drag them out like Tiva!)

NCIS Season 18 Question Ziva Tony Family Reunion
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Ziva and Tony in Paris

Fans were surprised when NCIS brought Ziva back seemingly from the dead — she faked her death — in the Season 16 finale, and her last Season 17 appearance saw her heading to Paris to reunite with Tony and their daughter. Palmer relayed an update via Senior, but wouldn’t it feel like there was real closure to that story if we saw the family onscreen together?

NCIS Season 18 Question Emily Fornell Rehab
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Emily and Fornell

Emily presumably left rehab in Episode 8, and while Gibbs did seem to be up to more than just helping Fornell, it’s possible that’s the truth as well. Whether or not that is the case, Season 18 needs to give us an update on how she — and her father — are doing after the events of the Season 16 finale; “Daughters” was the last time we saw either of them.

NCIS Season 18 Question Jack Faith Daughter
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Jack and her daughter building a relationship

Jack and the daughter she gave up for adoption are slowly getting to know one another; Faith just found out the truth about her father. Let’s continue to see moments between them that show that this is something that will take time, but that they’re continuing to make progress.