8 Burning Questions for ‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ Season 2

Motherland Fort Salem Season 2 Questions
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 1 finale of Motherland: Fort Salem, “Witchbomb.”]

Freeform renewed Motherland: Fort Salem at just the right time — the day before “Witchbomb” aired — because the Season 1 finale left fans with many, many questions.

While on a rescue mission, new graduates Raelle (Taylor Hickson), Abigail (Ashley Nicole Williams), and Tally (Jessica Sutton), along with General Alder (Lyne Renee) and her biddies whose youth she takes for herself, encountered the witches’ “ancient enemy,” the Camaria. To make matters worse, their foes had found a way to use warped versions of their vocal powers against them. By the time the witches escaped, Tally had sacrificed herself to take the place of a fallen biddy, and Raelle had been stabbed and Abigail stayed behind with her. But the two not only survived, they were also surrounded by some unknown force as they walked away from the scene of the crime.

Meanwhile, once she was no longer the witches’ prisoner, Spree Scylla (Amalia Holm) returned to her radical sect of witches and learned that the person ordering her around all season was none another than Willa, a.k.a. Raelle’s mother who was thought to be dead.

Scroll down to see the questions those surprises and the rest of Season 1 left us with regarding what’s next.

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Motherland Fort Salem Season 2 Questions Abigail Raelle Power

What exactly happened to Raelle and Abigail?

The two were saved and surrounded by some sort of magical force, and something was going on beneath their feet as they were walking at the end of the finale. Creator Eliot Laurence teased that the army will want to use it to make its “new super weapon.” But what will this experience — and its effects — mean for Raelle and Abigail’s relationship? The two started out barely tolerating one another, but in this episode, Abigail refused to leave her dying friend behind.

Motherland Fort Salem Season 2 Questions Alder Tally Biddy

How will life as a biddy change everything not only for Tally, but for the unit?

Tally saved General Alder with her decision, but by becoming a biddy, she is going to have a different role to play going forward. What will that mean for her, for her relationship with Alder — the two butt heads in Season 1 — and for the unit? The girls bonded (though it took some time), and now that dynamic has to change.

Motherland Fort Salem Season 2 Questions Raelle Mother Willa Alive

How and when will Raelle find out her mother's alive?

One of the biggest surprises of the finale was the fact that Willa is not only alive, but also the one who has been giving Scylla orders this entire time. While Raelle is obviously going to be a bit busy figuring out what’s happening to her and how she survived, this news is going to change everything for her. Will she find out by seeing her mother in person? Will Scylla tell her? How will she react?

Motherland Fort Salem Season 2 Questions Camaria Enemy

How serious of a threat will the Camaria be for all witches and on a personal level for the unit?

The “ancient enemy” is back, and with their warped vocal powers, the members of the Camaria are a serious threat. They already took out one of Alder’s biddies, burned the witches’ pilots alive, and nearly killed Raelle. Plus, Laurence teased that they “make the Spree look like, ‘let’s have [them] over for dinner.'” The witches were able to hold their own against them long enough to escape, but it also sounds like the Camaria are going to turn people against witches — which would just mean more problems for them.

Motherland Fort Salem Season 2 Questions Army Spree Work Together
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How will the army and the Spree join forces against the Camaria?

They now have a common enemy, but it’s doubtful that they’re going to be able to just suddenly get along because of that; there’s a reason why the witches kept Scylla in a dark cell with plans to transfer her nowhere good once they learned she was Spree. But even if they do find a way to work together — perhaps having Willa around will help with that, given her daughter is Raelle and her past with Abigail’s mother Petra — what will it take to stop the Camaria for good this time?

Motherland Fort Salem Season 2 Questions Scylla Raelle Romance
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Is there hope for Raelle and Scylla?

The two fell in love when Scylla was posing as just another student, but Raelle still cared what happened to her after the truth came out. And with the two fighting on the same side against the same enemy, might there be hope for a reconciliation at some point in the future? It may take some time, and the two could always grow closer again due to the surprise that Willa is alive. She didn’t tell Scylla who she really was, and Raelle’s probably going to be hurting once she finds out about her mother.

Motherland Fort Salem Season 2 Questions Alder Consequences Puppet
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What consequences will Alder face for using the puppet spell on the president?

When the president disagreed with Alder and planned to replace her, the general simply used a spell to take over during her speech. The show’s creator teased that there would be “many consequences” for that, but how might the threat of the Camaria affect that? Could we still see a change in power?

Motherland Fort Salem Season 2 Questions Anacostia Consequences Free Scylla
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Will Anacostia face consequences for freeing Scylla?

The drill sergeant decided to use the Spree to her advantage and followed her after she left. While the army and the Spree will end up on the same side in the fight against the Camaria, will Anacostia (Demetria McKinney) be punished for letting Scylla go? Could we see her end up wherever Scylla was supposed to be transferred to?