Get to Know the ‘Married at First Sight: Australia’ Cast (PHOTOS)

Married at First Sight Australia

Married at First Sight has made quite a splash stateside, but the Lifetime reality hit is heading Down Under for a new season of Married at First Sight: Australia.

Fresh off the heels MAFS‘s divisive tenth season, MAFS: Australia introduces viewers to 12 new couples, including one same-sex duo, from across the world. These 24 hopefuls are giving love a shot in the show’s experimental method to marriage.

The experts helping to match and guide these couples are John Aiken, Mel Schiling, and Dr. Trisha Stafford. Get ready for new drama and passion as these romantics take the plunge by participating in weddings, honeymoons, and domestic life with virtual strangers.

Below, we’re rounding up all of the couples taking part in the season, which will air every Wednesday and Thursday on Lifetime. Scroll down to meet the couples putting love to the test!

Married at First Sight: Australia, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9/8c, Lifetime

MAFS Australia Aleks Ivan

Aleks & Ivan

Aleksandra who was born and raised in Perth, WA, has grown up in a strict Serbian household and while her parents aren’t thrilled about her participation in the experiement, she feels the dating pool in her town is too small to meet Mr. Right. Driven, fiery and outspoken, she knows exactly what she wants and is ready to settle down. Ivan is a Ukranian-born straight shooter with traditional family values. Currently living in Sydney, he’s a real estate agent who is hard-working and ambitious. Despite his tough exterior, Ivan is a sentimental romantic.

MAFS Australia Tash Amanda

Amanda & Tash

Tash is a bartender and yoga teacher from Adelaide, SA who can come off as intimidating to others at times, but she hopes to find someone who is affectionate and expressive with their emotions. Amanda is a self-proclaimed alpha-female from Melbourne, VIC, and is searching for a woman to love deeply and equally. While her European family isn’t always accepting, she’s ready to find her soulmate.


MAFS Australia Cathy Josh

Cathy & Josh

Cathy is a logistics investigator from New Zealand who is currently living away from her family in Sydney. Despite her appearance, she’s a down-to-earth and friendly young woman looking for an honest and loyal partner. Josh is an industrial operator from Sydney who has always loved being the life of the party. After losing the one who got away, he’s ready to put his partying ways behind him to settle down into his forever relationship.

MAFS Australia Connie Jonethen

Jonethen & Connie

Connie is an aspiring marine biologist from Melbourne who has been single for five years and is uncomfortable around men, spending much of her time studying to avoid feeling invisible. Although her mother is against the experiment, Connie’s determined to find her soulmate, blessing or not from her family. Jonethen is described as a fun-loving guy living on Australia’s Gold Coast, but he feels his job hasn’t allowed him to find “the one.” In the past he’s had difficulty holding onto relationships for more than a few months and as one of five boys from a tight-knit family, he believes it’s time to settle down long term.

MAFS Australia Hayley David

David & Hayley

After struggling with drug addiction 10 years ago, Melbourne native Hayley has turned to health and fitness to pull her out of the darkness. Now, she’s hoping to find love with someone who will accept her past and all. Meanwhile, David is a former boxer from Melbourne who now drives trucks. When he isn’t working, he’s training his two horses on his farmland. Despite his parents lack of approval, he’s willing to take a chance on love in this wild experiment.

MAFS Australia KC Drew

Drew & KC

KC is a dancer who has worked in Los Angeles for the past 10 years before she decided to return home to Sydney in hopes of finding love. Looking to leave her Hollywood lifestyle behind, she’s set to marry Drew, a musician from Ciarns, QLD where he runs a mental health charity. Enjoying a simple life, Drew has a big heart and hasn’t been vulnerable with anyone since he broke off an engagement four years ago.


MAFS Australia Sebastian Lizzie

Sebastian & Lizzie

After appearing in a previous season of Married at First Sight: Australia, Lizzie is back for a second chance at finding love after being betrayed in the past. Hoping to find love for real this time after being cheated on, Lizzie’s marrying Sebastian, a semi-pro ALF player and personal trainer from Newcastle, NSW. Having been single for the past eight years, Seb had only ever had one serious relationship and is a sensitive soul and deep thinker hoping to find someone on his level.

MAFS Australia Mishel Steve

Mishel & Steve

Mishel hails from Brisbane, Qld and has two grown children but is young at heart and hoping to find love after plenty of heartbreak including a divorce 15 years ago as well as occasions when she was cheated on. Mishel hopes to find a man who embraces her for who she is and Steve could fill that space as her new hubby. The cancer survivor originally from the UK has lived in Melbourne, Vic for the past 18 years. He has a son in his 30s that still lives in England and despite having his life sorted out, Steve’s looking to find someone to spend the rest of his years with.

MAFS Australia Natasha Mikey

Mikey & Natasha

Natasha is an outspoken Sydney-based business woman who has typically dated men who are significantly older than her including an ex-fiance. In an attempt to break the cycle, she’s looking for someone who will see her as an equal as opposed to arm candy. Mikey is also from Sydney and has a strong work ethic as he helps run the family business, a nursing home his grandfather founded. Despite his outward confidence, Mikey’s shy when it comes to interacting with women.

MAFS Australia Poppy Luke

Poppy & Luke

A mother of two-year-old twin boys from Wollongong, NSW, Poppy has endured a fair share of heartbreaking disappointment when it comes to love. Outspoken and funny, she sometimes used humor to deflect from the pain she’s hiding. Looking for a role model her sons can look up to, Poppy is giving things a try with Luke. As a single father of two teenage daughters, from Melbourne, he has his work cut out for him, not leaving much time for dating. After spending 10 years in a previous marriage, Luke is focused on providing stability for his daughters when it comes to their homelife.


MAFS Australia Stacey Michael

Stacey & Michael

Stacey is a law graduate from Adelaide, SA who has two kids and due to a broken engagement and past family trauma is scared to let someone else in. Ready to let her walls down, she’s giving love a chance with Michael who is a single dad from Adelaide, SA as well. After becoming a billionaire at 24, he’s ready to enter a relationship with a women who will keep him in line and be able to handle his sense of humor.

MAFS Australia Vanessa Chris

Vanessa & Chris

Vanessa is a pharmacy manager from Perth, WA, who shields herself by rejecting men before they can reject her. She turned to the experts in hopes of finding someone who will lover her the way she wants to be loved back. Chris is a single dad of two sons from Adelaide, SA who has always envisioned the perfect family unit. After heartbreak, Chris hopes to find the woman who will complete his family after being inspired by his parents’ 38-year marriage.