‘The Many Saints of Newark’: 8 Key Reveals From the First Trailer

The Many Saints of Newark Sopranos Tony Livia Dickie

The first trailer for The Many Saints of Newark is offering fans a glimpse into Tony Soprano’s (James Gandolfini) past, long before HBO’s The Sopranos graced our TVs.

The film, which is slated to arrive on HBO Max and in theaters on Friday, October 1, is set in the 1960s during the explosive Newark riots. With African-American and Italian communities at odds, chaos ensues, creating a dangerous rivalry.

This is the New Jersey of Tony’s youth, and his coming of age story is experienced through the lens of his bond with uncle Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola), the father of Christopher (Michael Imperioli). The first look trailer was filled with callbacks, hints, and more; below, we’re breaking them all down.

The Many Saints of Newark, Movie Premiere, Friday, October 5, HBO Max and In Theaters


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Livia's Doubts

When The Sopranos debuted, Tony’s relationship with his mother was anything but perfect, and the trailer for The Many Saints of Newark calls back to that strain between them. Livia (Vera Farmiga) doesn’t believe in her son and that’s apparent during a conversation with one of his high school counselors who tell Livia that despite Tony’s bad grades, he’s actually very intelligent with a high IQ. She even scoffs when the counselor throws out the term “leader” to describe Tony.

The Many Saints of Newark Tony Soprano Michael Gandolfini


Tony (Michael Gandolfini) is seen standing in the doorway of Holsten’s ice cream shop and restaurant, where The Sopranos famously concluded its run. It would seem that the spot holds a special place in Tony’s heart.

Many Saints of Newark Tony Soprano

Music Connection

One thing fans of the original show might pick up on is Tony’s love of music, which is apparent in a brief trailer clip featuring the young version of the future mob boss chilling by some speakers, laying his hand against the fixture to feel the beats. In the show, Tony often enjoyed music while driving. Anyone for a round of Steely Dan’s “Dirty Work”?

Many Saints of Newark Satriale's


Satriale’s Pork Store served as a prime location in the original series as a hangout for Tony and his crew as well as the site for some of their crimes. Before Tony was head honcho though, his father Johnny Soprano (played by Jon Bernthal in the upcoming film) took the place over. Get ready to see the butcher shop in its heyday.

Many Saints of Newark Paulie Walnuts Billy Magnussen

Paulie Walnuts in Action

Paulie Walnuts has been in Tony’s life for a long time, but before he was taking orders from him, Paulie was working for Johnny Soprano. The Many Saints of Newark will likely explore this as Billy Magnussen takes on the role originated by Tony Sirico.

Many Saints of Newark Tony Dickie

Stolen Goods

While DVD players were all the rage during Tony’s reign, it looks like we’ll see him do the stealing himself under the direction of his uncle Dickie. It would appear that the contraband in question includes speakers and TVs.

Many Saints of Newark Corey Stoll

Junior & Livia Team Up Against Tony?

In the teaser, Corey Stoll‘s Junior (a.k.a. Corrado Soprano) says he’s going to speak with Tony and try to reason with him on something. Livia gets in the mix, noting that Tony only listens to Dickie when it comes to life lessons. Is this proof that they’ve always been in cahoots when it comes to Tony and his future?

Many Saints of Newark Alessandro Nivola

Dickie's Death

The great Dickie Moltisanti was a man of legend in The Sopranos, and it was clear that Tony revered the guy considered an uncle. In the series, he’s often talked about and his death is referenced, but it is never confirmed if Detective Barry Haydu (Tom Mason) was really responsible as Tony indicated to Dickie’s son Christopher (Michael Imperioli). Could the movie finally solve this mystery? It appears that some men want him dead based on the trailer.