11 ‘Madam Secretary’ Characters to Watch in the Final Season (PHOTOS)

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Madam Secretary characters to watch
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Nina Cummings (Tracee Chimo Pallero)

Nina became Elizabeth’s assistant when she was Secretary of State after Blake (Erich Bergen) left the position, and now she’s making another move: to the White House. Russell (Zeljko Ivanek) hires her as his assistant since she’s not scared of him. Watching those two working together should provide some much-needed entertainment the longer the investigation into the McCord campaign goes on.

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Dmitri (Chris Petrovski)

Stevie’s (Wallis Currie Wood) love life isn’t exactly going so well. While she gave Blake’s friend another try, that clearly won’t last. And she may be getting a visit from her ex-boyfriend, Dmitri — if he doesn’t let her social media posts about a date with another man keep him away.

Madam Secretary Olivia

Olivia Mason (Amanda Warren)

As White House counsel, Olivia was the one at Mike B.’s (Kevin Rahm) side when the line of questioning took a serious turn in Episode 2 and Mike B. was seemingly accused of murdering Senator Woodhouse for Elizabeth’s campaign. With Senator Hanson’s (Wentworth Miller) investigation continuing, we expect to see her playing an important role as other characters are questioned.

Madam Secretary Hanson

Senator Hanson (Wentworth Miller)

Senator Hanson is the one leading the charge against Elizabeth and her campaign, and while it started out as an investigation into a possible conspiracy with Iran, it’s already evolved into much more. “They are looking into everything,” Mike B. informed Elizabeth, Henry (Tim Daly), and Russell. “If they can’t find it, they will find it anyway.” How far will Senator Hanson take this investigation?

Proxy War
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Russell Jackson (Zeljko Ivanek)

Russell was briefly entertaining life at home, gardening and relaxing (and hating it). But as Elizabeth approached her 100th day in office, her acting chief of staff, Mike B. — Jay (Sebastian Arcelus) turned down the job because he chose love — insisted she find his replacement. She did, in Russell. But will he only stick around long enough for the transition and will she find someone new?

Hail to the Chief
Mark Schafer/CBS

Mike B. (Kevin Rahm)

Rahm was promoted to series regular for the final season, and we’ve already seen that Mike B. has a much bigger role in Elizabeth’s life in the first two episodes. (And now he’s been accused of murder!) What else did he hide during the campaign? And how worried should he be about Senator Hanson’s questions?

Madam Secretary MIA
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MIA Characters

There were several cast changes between seasons with the time jump and Elizabeth’s move into the White House. We’ve heard where some MIA characters are, like Jay and Alison (Kathrine Herzer), but we’re keeping an eye out for others like Conrad Dalton (Keith Carradine, who will be returning), Kat (Sara Ramirez), and Matt (Geoffrey Arend), especially since this is the final season.

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[Warning: The below and gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers for Season 6, Episode 2 of Madam Secretary, “The Strike Zone.”]

Madam Secretary‘s final season has gotten to an intense start with Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) as President — but a major investigation into her campaign that could bring down everything.

Now that two episodes have aired and we’re getting a sense of what to expect from the series’ last episodes, we’re taking a look at the characters (other than Elizabeth, of course) who appear to be key to what’s coming up, and not just for Elizabeth.

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Click through the gallery above for the characters to keep an eye on moving forward and the ones we’ve been missing and hope to at least see or hear about again.

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