‘La Brea’ Returns to 10,000 BC in Midseason Premiere (PHOTOS)

Melissa Neal, Veronica St. Clair, Jon Seda, and Natalie Zea in 'La Brea' - Season 2
Sarah Enticknap/NBC

After a long couple of months, La Brea is finally coming back — and with two new episodes on January 31!

Unfortunately, the photos NBC has released from the two hours, “Stampede” and “Murder in the Clearing,” don’t offer too many hints about what to expect. We do know that Gavin (Eoin Macken), Eve (Natalie Zea), Josh (Jack Martin), Izzy (Zyra Gorecki), Sam (Jon Seda), and Riley (Veronica St. Clair) traveled back to 10,000 BC and make it, while Levi (Nicholas Gonzalez) stayed in 1988. And clearly, based on the episode titles, they’ll be returning just in time for some major trouble.

“Moving forward, Eve is with Gavin, but they are definitely going to find lots of challenges that will complicate their relationship,” showrunner David Appelbaum told TV Insider. Among those challenges: the fact that Gavin’s keeping a vision he had before they made the trip back in time — of Eve’s death — secret.

In the back half of the season, which is set entirely in 10,000 BC, he continued, “many of the stories will be based around the challenges of living there – how do we survive in this inhospitable environment? How do we avoid the dangerous animals lurking around almost every corner? How do we function as a community? We have 13 series regulars, and all of them are going to have their own emotional and exciting character stories. But the heart of the show will remain the Harris family. They have now been reunited, but their relationships will continually be challenged. And they also grapple with a question that’s been at the heart of the series from the beginning… How are we going to get home?”

Scroll down for a look at the two-part midseason premiere.

La Brea, Midseason Premiere, Tuesday, January 31, 9/8c, NBC

Josh McKenzie as Lucas, Rohan Mirchandaney as Scott, Chiké Okonkwo as Ty in 'La Brea'
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What’s happening here?

Michelle Vergara Moore as Ella, Josh McKenzie as Lucas, and Lily Santiago as Veronica in 'La Brea' - Season 2, 'Stampede
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Ella (Michelle Vergara Moore), Lucas (Josh McKenzie), and Veronica (Lily Santiago)

Chiké Okonkwo as Ty and Rohan Mirchandaney as Scott in 'La Brea'- Season 2, 'Stampede'
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Ty (Chiké Okonkwo) and Scott (Rohan Mirchandaney)

Michelle Vergara Moore in 'La Brea'
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Where’s Ella?

Lily Santiago as Veronica in 'La Brea'
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Melissa Neal, Eoin Macken, Jack Martin, and Veronica St. Clair in 'La Brea'
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"Murder in the Clearing"

What are Caroline (Melissa Neal), Gavin (Eoin Macken), Josh (Jack Martin), and Riley (Veronica St. Clair) looking at?

Chiké Okonkwo as Ty, Zyra Gorecki as Izzy Harris in 'La Brea' - Season 2, 'Murder in the Clearing'
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What have they found?

Eoin Macken as Gavin Harris, Natalie Zea as Eve Harris in 'La Brea' - Season 2, 'Murder in the Clearing'
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Gavin and Eve (Natalie Zea) have a lot to talk about.

Jon Seda as Dr. Sam ,Josh McKenzie as Lucas in 'La Brea' - 'Murder in the Clearing'
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Sam (Jon Seda) and Lucas

Chiké Okonkwo and Zyra Gorecki in 'La Brea'
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What’s Izzy (Zyra Gorecki) looking at?