8 of Eve Polastri’s Best Outfits on ‘Killing Eve’ (PHOTOS)

Killing Eve Fashion
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When we think of style icons on Killing Eve, the titular character probably isn’t the first to come to mind. After all, Eve’s (Sandra Oh) not the one wearing frilly pink dresses, designer suits or silk robes. The haute couture is largely left to her adversary/love interest(?), Villanelle (Jodie Comer).

But with that said, why should the Russian assassin turn all the heads? Eve’s had some nifty style moments, too — they’re just not as “out there” as Villanelle’s. Here are eight times we’ve appreciated Eve’s fashion sense.

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Eve’s raincoat

It’s cute, okay? This jacket adds a pop of color to Eve’s nondescript wardrobe, and it’s practical, as almost everything in Eve’s closet is. Plus, while we all consider Villanelle the wearer of designer labels, this piece cost around $100, which is no small sum for a rain jacket. Maybe she got it on sale?

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The belted blue dress

While most of Eve’s everyday outfits can be plain, her dresses are always on-point. Such was the case for this belted blue number, which she wore in Season 1 on her “date” with Jin — on the night that Villanelle killed Bill.

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Yet another blue dress

Even after Eve thinks she’s dead, Villanelle’s affecting her fashion sense. After all, it’s clear she wasn’t sure about buying this blue dress by Karen Millan — she only did so after Niko approved — but she wouldn’t have thought about it at all in a world where she’d never crossed paths with Villanelle. This dress proved Eve was starting to break out of her shell, and marked the beginning of her transformation.

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Villanelle’s gift

It’s hard to say for sure whether this is an Eve outfit or a Villanelle outfit expressed through Eve. Nonetheless, it’s iconic: in trying on the dress sent to her by her nemesis, Eve sees herself through Villanelle’s eyes. The obsession is cemented. Of course, the dress is utterly gorgeous, as are pretty much all of Villanelle’s fashion choices. (If you’re wondering, it’s the Bartlow dress by Roland Mouret.)

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The workday suit

Techincally this wasn’t featured on the show — it only surfaced in promotional material — but it merits inclusion. The suit is Eve at her most professional, and it contrasts her working life with Villanelle’s luxurious, rule-free existence. It cuts a striking silhouette, too, despite being relatively plain.

Villanelle (Jodie Comer) holds an ice pick to Eve (Sandra Oh) in Killing Eve

The “dinner date” sweater

Would we wear it? Probably not. Is it iconic? Yes. As much of a fashion faux pas as this thing is, it’s earned a spot on this list based on Villanelle’s reaction to it. “Is that a sweater, attached to a shirt?” she muses. “Is it two separate pieces? How does it work?” We never got that answer, so we’ll spend the rest of the series wondering.

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The beanie and parka jacket

You might not be meant to remember what Eve wears, but this outfit was memorable simply because of how rarely we see Eve wearing hats. The parka is functional, but the fur hood lining adds interest, and her houndstooth-patterned scarf ties the ensemble together well.

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The green turtleneck

And if Eve had really died that day, as the saying goes, this would’ve been her “ghost outfit forever.” Honestly, it’s not a bad one. It’s a classic look that looked great with her hair, and it even looked good under a room service uniform. Plus, the color-contrast with Villanelle’s red suit was likely symbolic: they’re opposites on the color wheel, just as Villanelle and Eve end as enemies in the Season 2 finale.