6 Loose Threads for ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ to Tackle in a Potential Season 2

Jupiter's Legacy Union Season 1 Walter Grace Sheldon
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1 of Jupiter’s Legacy.]

If you spent your weekend watching the first season of Jupiter’s Legacy after the episodes dropped on May 7, chances are you’re eagerly awaiting news of its future on Netflix. After all, the finale ended with quite the shocking twist about the present day mastermind.

“It’s just about to take off,” star Ben Daniels, whose Walter Sampson/Brainwave is revealed to be the villain, tells TV Insider. “The end of it is so chilling. You’re like, ‘Oh, that’s so awful and kind of downbeat and dark.'”

'Jupiter's Legacy' Stars Break Down That Shocking Finale Villain TwistSee Also

'Jupiter's Legacy' Stars Break Down That Shocking Finale Villain Twist

Ben Daniels and Matt Lanter also open up about a few deleted scenes, the Walter-George rivalry, and more.

But while we do find out that he framed George Hutchence/Skyfox (Matt Lanter), who defected from the rest of the original superheroes in the Union in the past, that and the eight episodes of the drama leave us with other questions we need answered. We’ve rounded up six of those — besides where Skyfox actually is in the present and when Sheldon/The Utopian (Josh Duhamel) will find out the truth about his brother Walter — along with some insight from Daniels and Lanter, below.

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Walter Union Jupiter's Legacy Brainwave Ben Daniels
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Will Walter find a way to take over as leader of the Union?

That’s his goal, he reveals to his daughter, Raikou (Anna Akana), before killing her for what she knows. But since he has (so far) failed to separate his brother and Sheldon’s son, Brandon/Paragon (Andrew Horton), will he be able to? (After all, Brandon is possibly the only one strong enough to kill Sheldon.)

If Walter does succeed, what would his kind of leadership look like? “He would like to have his fingers in every pie,” Daniels says. “I think pretty quickly it would have become some kind of weird police state — for the good of the world, of course. He would have liked to have interfered a lot more, to save the poor people.”

Walter Grace Jupiter's Legacy Season 1 Ben Daniels Leslie Bibb
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Would a Season 2 recreate a certain moment from the comics for Walter and Grace?

Spoiler alert: In the comics, Walter is responsible for Grace/Lady Liberty’s (Leslie Bibb) death in what Daniels calls “one of the most intense images ever seen in comic book history. It’s quite, quite alarming.” If the Netflix series is renewed, did the end of Season 1 — Grace followed her brother-in-law Walter into the mind of the dead Blackstar clone and thought she was joining him in fighting off George — set the stage for that to play out on-screen? (Skyfox was just a construct of Walter’s as part of him framing his old frenemy.)

“I have a real connection with Leslie Bibb, and any moment that we could, we played up that connection,” Daniels shares, revealing that versions of the scripts included a bit of Grace flirting with both Sampson brothers on the Island. Assuming Grace’s fate remains unchanged from the comics, he continues, “when it gets to that point, we wanted there to have been a history whereby they are incredibly close. I really hope they run with that particular strand because when it gets to where it gets, it will be devastating.”

Jupiter's Legacy Fitz George Richard Walter Sheldon
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Will we see more of Walter and George's relationship in the past?

Those two never got along, mainly because of Sheldon being in the middle — and Walter not being as social as the other men. Gaining powers just exacerbated that. But, as the stars revealed, there were a couple of deleted scenes that would have shown the lighter side of that relationship.

“One scene was George actually inviting Walter out to this party that he was going to,” Lanter says. “Walter was clearly stressed out about his brother and George said. ‘Come on out and party with me, I’ll introduce you to this girl.’ I really liked that scene. I know Ben did, too. I think we’re both a little bummed we didn’t see it because I do think that if you show a little relationship there prior, it kind of makes it a little sadder when you see that that relationship deteriorates over the years.”

Daniels agrees, but while he did like the scenes “where you actually see them getting on a bit better,” he also thinks cutting them was the right call. “That might’ve been confusing ultimately,” he suggests, but hopes that a second season would delve more into that dynamic and “the kind of fun they have together.”

Ian Quinlan Jupiter's Legacy Season 1 Hutch
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Will Hutch track down George?

George’s son Hutch (Ian Quinlan) has been trying and failing to find his father. (The power rod George gave him to teleport sends him to a strip club whenever he asks it to take him to his father.) But at the end of the season, he’d gotten his hands on another device that may do the trick.

“I don’t think that [George] would approve [of Hutch trying to find him]. I think there’s probably a good reason why he doesn’t want to be found,” Lanter admits. “Hopefully, we’ll get to see why. But maybe would there be a special little, ‘Yeah, that’s my son, he’s breaking all the rules, trying to find me.'” He’s also looking forward to sharing scenes with Quinlan.

Even if Hutch does find his dad, what will happen when he does? After all, George has been an absent parent.

Elena Kampouris Jupiter's Legacy Season 1 Chloe Sampson
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Can Chloe be lured over to Walter's side?

While Walter does want Brandon on his side to get rid of Sheldon — he’s “the only one strong enough to do that,” Daniels notes — he’s not ruling out the Utopian and Lady Liberty’s other child, Chloe (Elena Kampouris), just yet. “It could equally have been Chloe,” Daniels acknowledges. “In that dinner scene [in Episode 1], I wanted to make it seem like he was sizing up [the] kids.”

So if Brandon doesn’t work out, he continues, “I’ll take the crazy one. That character is so phenomenal. I think it’s really exciting for Walter as well to have this kind of anarchic punk character that maybe he could harness her talent. It would be a wrangle.”

Richard Fitz Jupiter's Legacy Season 1 Island

Where's Blue Bolt?

While the first season told us the most about Sheldon, Walter, Grace, and George of the original six, we do have questions about the other two, Fitz Small/The Flare (Mike Wade), and Dr. Richard Conrad/Blue Bolt (David Julian Hirsh). But we have seen Fitz in the present (though we do want to know why he’s now in a wheelchair).

Blue Bolt, on the other hand, is only seen in the flashbacks, as the last member to join the journey to the Island, with no prior connection to the others. “There’s some great stories between Skyfox and Blue Bolt in the Jupiter’s Circle comics,” Lanter says. “I hope we get to do some of that stuff on camera.”