'His Dark Materials': Clues, Changes & Easter Eggs From the Books (PHOTOS)

Emily Hannemann

[WARNING: Plot spoilers for HBO's His Dark Materials follow.]

At last, HBO has given fans of the His Dark Materials trilogy the book-to-screen adaptation they deserve.

Was everything awful about the 2007 movie? Absolutely not, despite what some might say. (You've gotta at least admit it was well-cast, if little else.) Is the television show perfect? No — but at least in this writer's opinion, it's close enough. So far, His Dark Materials has done a miraculous job of translating a complex, controversial and dark story to screen, and it has made a complicated fictional world accessible to both fans of the books and those entering Lyra's world of daemons, Dust and armored polar bears for the very first time.

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That said, there are certain things that those who have read the source material will pick up on that might go over non-readers heads. Here are seven things fans of the original book trilogy — and its spinoff novels — probably picked up on in the first three episodes.

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