Celebrate Women’s History Month With Nat Geo WILD’s Incredible Doctors (VIDEO)

Nat Geo Wild's Women History Month
National Geographic

For Women’s History Month this March, look no further than Nat Geo WILD for some incredible stars — Dr. Priya Bapodra (Secrets of the Zoo), Suzi Rapp (Secrets of the Zoo), Dr. Erin Schroeder (Heartland Docs, DVM), Dr. Michelle Oakley (Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet), and Dr. K (Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER) — especially to animals.

There are new seasons of Dr. Oakley (premiering March 13) and Alaska Animal Rescue (premiering March 27), as well as the currently airing Heartland Docs, DVM, and TV Insider has a couple of exclusive clips — and a graphic, below — to mark the occasion.

First, in our clip from Heartland Docs, DVM, rancher Alice’s horse has problems being on her feet from a condition called founder, akin to plantar fasciitis in people. “Just imagine your feet throbbing all the time you stand,” Dr. Erin Schroeder explains.

So the doctors have special shoes to help. Check out the shoes and see if they do the job in the clip below.

And in the sneak peek of Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet, the only all-species vet for hundreds of miles across the Great North witnesses quite the unique bond between a wolverine, with a growing lump on its side, and its owner. “Steve is totally vulnerable right now. His throat’s exposed,” the vet notes as we see the relationship the two share … along with a couple warnings across the screen that wolverines are not pets. Watch the clip below for more.

Previous seasons of Heartland Docs, DVM, Dr. Oakley: Yukon Vet, Alaska Animal Rescue, and Secrets of the Zoo are now streaming on Disney+.

Nat Geo Wild's Women History Month Poster

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Plus, for more adorable moments, check out the photos below.

Heartland Docs, DVM, Saturdays, 10/9c, Nat Geo WILD

Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet, Season Premiere, Saturday, March 13, 9/8c, Nat Geo WILD

Alaska Animal Rescue, Season Premiere, Saturday March 27, 10/9c, Nat Geo WILD

Susan Kelleher Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER
National Geographic/Vince Monteleone

Dr. Susan Kelleher gives Stormy, the rescued rat, some snuggles on Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER.

Dr Michelle Oakley Yukon Vet
National Geographic/Liz Scherffius

Dr. Michelle Oakley holds a golden retriever puppy on Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet.

Heartland Docs DVM Dr. Erin Schroeder
National Geographic/Calla Kessler

Dr. Erin Schroeder nuzzles Summer the horse who is suffering from founder on Heartland Docs, DVM.

Secrets of the Zoo Dr. Priya Bapodra
National Geographic

Dr. Priya Bapodra gives Artie the aardvark an ultrasound to check his heart on Secrets of the Zoo.

Suzi Rapp Secrets of the Zoo
National Geographic/Shawn Coffman

Vice President of Animal Programs, Suzi Rapp, gets a wet kiss from Bodega the sea lion on Secrets of the Zoo.