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Nebraska veterinarians Drs. Ben and Erin Schroeder care for the region’s many animals in need.

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2020– Series 5 Seasons63 Episodes

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Monday, February 26

So Hard to Say Goat-bye

Season 3 • Episode 1

Drs. Ben and Erin Schroeder are put to the test as they prepare for a bitter-sweet goodbye.

Monday, February 26

You've Gotta Be Kitten Me!

Season 3 • Episode 2

Drs. Ben and Erin Schroeder treat a variety of patients, including one of their own.

Monday, February 26

The Eagle Has Landed

Season 3 • Episode 3

Ben and Erin Schroeder chase a pig through the mud and save a wild bald eagle.

Monday, February 26

The Cat's Meow

Season 3 • Episode 4

The Schroeders squeeze in some family time as they set sail on their new boat.

Monday, February 26

Heartland Shellebration

Season 3 • Episode 5

The vets treat a cat's injured tail, a turtle's busted shell, and a cow with a fifth leg.

Monday, February 26

What's All the Pus About?

Season 3 • Episode 6

Nerves are frayed when the Shroeders' dog stops breathing during a routine surgery.

Monday, March 4

Poultry in Motion

Season 3 • Episode 8

Drs. Ben and Erin Schroeder have a full plate of flighty patients, including a duck and a chicken.

Monday, March 4

Dinner and a Moo-vie

Season 3 • Episode 9

Ben and Erin treat some horses that need dental care; a hawk with a life-threatening injury.

Monday, March 4

May the Horse Be With You

Season 4 • Episode 3

The Schroeders welcome three new horses to their riverside home.

Monday, March 4

Pro Bone-O Work

Season 4 • Episode 9

The Schroeders examine the state trooper K9s and join a training session.

Monday, March 4

Chicken: Impossible

Season 4 • Episode 7

A chicken lays an egg while under anesthesia; a puppy has a garbage gut.

Monday, March 4

A Moo York State of Mind

Season 4 • Episode 6

The Schroeders travel to New York to visit Erin's parents.

Tuesday, March 12

Thanks for the Mammaries

Season 4 • Episode 8

The Schroeders adopt a new dog and have a spa day for their many pets.

Tuesday, March 12

Foal New World

Season 4 • Episode 5

Dr. Ben examines a lucky duck; Dr. Erin finds herself in a hairy situation.

Tuesday, March 12

It's a Won-Doe-ful Life

Season 4 • Episode 2

The Schroeders save a fawn that fell off a cliff and find her a new home.

Tuesday, March 12

Lord of the Wings

Season 4 • Episode 1

The Schroeders rush to the rescue when a horse trailer is hit by a car.

Tuesday, March 12

Lights, Camera, Auction!

Season 4 • Episode 4

Dr. Erin raises money for charity by showing a steer at the state fair.

Tuesday, March 12

The Plot Chickens

Season 4 • Episode 12

The docs help a pit bull with a large lump and a bald eagle with a wounded leg.

Tuesday, March 12

Lovebirds, Actually

Season 4 • Episode 10

Love is in the air when the docs throw a gender reveal party for a pair of lovebirds.

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