Halloween on TV: ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Quantum Leap’ & More Episodes to Watch (PHOTOS)

Halloween TV 2022, Grey's Anatomy, Quantum Leap, Family Guy
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Watching the same old stuff? Nightmare! We collected 11 of broadcast TV’s best new Halloween episodes to watch this fall. Below, learn more about installments from fan-favorite shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Quantum Leap, and The Goldbergs among others.

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Grey’s Anatomy

It’s a busy All Hallows’ Eve at Grey Sloan Memorial. “Some doctors really get into the spirit, while others wind up having to heal patients who chose to party in all the wrong ways,” exec producer Jamie Denbo says. The new surgical interns compete in a pumpkin-carving competition hosted by Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) and later must “do something involving dead bodies in the dead of night,” she adds. We have to believe it’s training and not zombies shuffling into the ER. “This is Grey’s Anatomy, not The Walking Dead!” quips Denbo (Thursday, October 27, 9/8c, ABC). —Ileane Rudolph

'Quantum Leap's Raymond Lee
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Quantum Leap

An astronaut, a boxer and a female bounty hunter are some of the bodies time traveler Dr. Ben Song (Raymond Lee) has occupied in the sci-fi revival. But biblical heights are reached when he leaps into Father James Davenport in 1934 Coventon, Maryland. “Ben has to learn, well, how to pray and…Latin?” Lee teases. He also has to figure out how to perform an exorcism. Upping the creepy factor: “Dead bodies might be a thing.” It would be understandable if Ben’s fiancée and colleague Addison Augustine (Caitlin Bassett) got spooked over this one. Nope. “She is tough as nails. There isn’t much that fazes her, except when Ben’s in danger,” Lee says. “Do we find Ben in danger in this episode? Strong possibility!” We’ll send prayers (Monday, October 31, 10/9c, NBC). —Jim Halterman

Cheyenne Jackson and Mayim Bialik in 'Call Me Kat'
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Call Me Kat

Hold your ho-ho-hos: Upbeat Louisville café owner Kat Silver (Mayim Bialik) is not dressed as the Man in the Big Red Suit for piano bar Middle C’s Halloween bash. “Kat is Euclid, the father of geometry, although we all assume she’s Santa and she is so annoyed,” explains Cheyenne Jackson, who plays Kat’s loyal pal Max Kingbird. Max suits up as Star Wars’ heroic armored Mandalorian—and look for scene-stealing baker Phil (Leslie Jordan) as Baby Yoda. While the party “goes off the rails in spectacular fashion,” Jackson adds, Kat may have found her sperm donor in her quest to have a child when Max steps up. “Just a transaction between friends,” the actor says. “But, Lordy, does it complicate our friendship!” (Thursday, October 27, 9:30/8:30c, Fox)JH

'The Goldbergs' star Sean Giambrone
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The Goldbergs

A Prince-ified Principal Glascott (Tim Meadows) and protective mom Beverly Goldberg (Wendi McLendon-Covey) hit the road to save son Adam (Sean Giambrone) after he visits his old friend Dave Kim (Kenny Ridwan) at NYU and it doesn’t go as planned. “Is he still Adam’s same old pal?” Giambrone hints, adding, “Beverly will commandeer anything to save her ‘schmoo.’ She ‘borrows’ this freaky ice cream truck.” Back home: jump scares à la ’80s horror flicks! (Wednesday, October 26, 8:30/7:30c, ABC)JH

Josh Randall in Station 19
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Station 19

“Station 19 is decorating the walls, opening its doors, and letting the community in to serve candy and old-fashioned Halloween fun,” says executive producer Zoanne Clack. All this while an in-house prank war wages! Meanwhile, a fire envelops a corn maze at a carnival and Lt. Maya Bishop (Danielle Savre) risks her life to prove herself to the increasingly hostile Capt. Sean Beckett (Josh Randall). Clack also promises “a great pirate costume worn by a surprise guest star.” Shiver me timbers! (Thursday, October 27, 8/7c, ABC)IR

Jaime Pressly in 'Welcome to Flatch'
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Welcome to Flatch

The fun-loving Barb Flatch (Jaime Pressly) takes gal pals “Big” Mandy (Krystal Smith), reporter Cheryl Peterson (Aya Cash), and the high-energy Kelly Mallet (Holmes) out for a “Spooky Night” of manicures, drinks, and a visit with a psychic (Atkins Estimond) in the docu-comedy’s holiday episode. But those prophecies cause trouble for the ladies — even fearless Kelly, who watched The Exorcist at 4 years old! Showrunner Jenny Bicks teases: “When the psychic tells her she is going to get the scare of a lifetime, she laughs in his face…until his prediction comes true. Big time.” (Thursday, October 27, 9/8c, Fox)Emily Aslanian

Family Guy
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Frightfully Fun Animation!

On Sunday, October 30, Fox’s animated sitcoms are giving out lots of tricks and treats! Here’s what to expect.

The Simpsons
“Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” parodies the sci-fi mind-bender Westworld and the 2014 film The Babadook, and gets the full anime treatment with a Death Note spoof. (8/7c)

The Great North
Halloween fan Honeybee (voiced by Dulcé Sloan) shares her most terrifying traditions with her new family. (8:30/7:30c)

Bob’s Burgers
We know elementary schooler Louise Belcher (voiced by Kristen Schaal) adores chaos. A field trip to a sinister apple orchard might deliver for her. (9/8c)

Family Guy
That’s no ghost! Lazy Peter Griffin (voiced by co-creator Seth MacFarlane) makes a hologram of himself to avoid chores. (9:30/8:30c)