Behind the Swag: What’s Up for Grabs at a Golden Globes 2019 Gifting Suite

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Perhaps the most useful swag is a big bag like the ones provided by ShoreBags. How else are celebs going to haul out their loot? These durable bags are made to reflect an active, outdoor lifestyle where form and function meet. “Our bags are the most eco-friendly ones you can find,” says director of sales operations Naveed Nour. “If you have a campaign or promotion, you can send us your art and we’ll put it on our bags for you. The sky’s the limit!”


Secret Celebrity

Secret Celebrity’s mission is to offer décor that is on trend and high quality. “We’ve been featured on HGTV, Watch What Happens Live, and a few home improvement shows,” says Erica Pecani director of sales and merchandising. “We don’t specifically do product placement yet, but we see our products on shows. We have a reach we didn’t realize!”


Buckle Me Baby Coats

Any parent who’s had to get a child out of a coat and into a car seat and back into a coat can relate to this product. “If the coat zipper wasn’t in the middle, it wouldn’t be a problem,” says Dahlia Rizk, the coat’s founder. “And, here we are!”


Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner

Not even svelte performers can hide cellulite in this age of high definition television so thankfully, there’s Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner. “It’s designed to smooth cellulite from the bra line all the way down to the full length of a garment,” says creator Jacqueline Brown. “A lot of [actresses] were very interested in this.” Colors include white, beige, and black, and sizes range from small to 2x.



Babies usually get all the attention, but Caz Hoad created the Australian-based company whose products cater to expectant moms. “We focus on self-care. Each package is curated on a questionnaire and we have different [boxes] for different trimesters,” says Hoad. “I’m quite confident of my selections and my ability to cut away the clutter from the stuff you really need!”


Dandy Blend

Love the taste of coffee? Then you’ll love Dandy Blend, created by Dr. Tim Gail in 1994. “He was an edible wild plant expert,” says his granddaughter, Gina Reale. “He didn’t like coffee but this was his morning pick me up. It’s an instant powder. Just stir it up, hot or cold, and you’re ready to go!”

nicole kelly

Charming Cheaters by Dr. Nicole Kelly

After she was duped by a sociopath woman pretending to be a man and losing over $700,000 from her medical practice, Dr. Nicole Kelly stepped behind the keyboard to warn others about evil-doers. “I’ve made it my mission to educate the world about sociopaths. One in 25 people are on the spectrum yet most people don’t even know that they exist.”


Thomas George Estates

There’s no better way to toast the nominees than with a glass of wine from Thomas George Estates! “It’s a family business,” explains Stephanie Baker. “My husband started it. We bought a property and completely renovated it. Our philosophy is we want the vintage to speak for itself. Mother nature dictates how much is going to go into a blend.”

water filtration

AYRO A20Water Travel Filtration System

It’s not necessary to give up filtered water when you’re traveling thanks to a portable/travel filtration system by A20Water Co. “You can hook it up to any kind of faucet,” explains a company rep. “They’re domestically made.”

Nuevelon Flare

Nuvelon Flare

With this audio product you can sync up to 100 speakers and cover large areas with sound, or group speakers together for decibel levels and sound quality that rival any boom box. “We’re all about no WiFi,” says Marcus Estl, art director. “We’re also launching an Alexa-enabled model [which] will have full Alexa function and won’t need any WiFi. We like to have all the technology without the complication.”



Never worry about charging your iPhone again with SunSoaker flexible, a solar energy-based device. “You lay this out in the sun and it immediately starts charging,” explains Nat Hantgin, director of sales and marketing. “If Tom Hanks had had one of these [in Castaway] that movie would have been five minutes long!”


Baroque and Rose

“We’re a lifestyle brand,” explains Miriam Ciantar, CEO, Baroque and Rose, who presented a beauty masque at the suite. “There isn’t a product like this on the market at the moment. Everything is unisex. It’s a very romantic brand.”



Want to drop some pounds in 2019? PureTrim is described as the Mediterranean answer to life-changing weight loss. “We have a joint tea that helps with joint pain, meal replacement shakes that are gluten, dairy, and soy-free with less than a gram of sugar in them,” says Dr. Marc, PureTrim, founder and president, who says a year was spent on making sure the products taste well. “You can have something organic, natural, helpful and useful, but if it doesn’t taste good, people are aren’t going to use it.”


Anne Neilson Home

Artist Anne Neilson counts Oprah Winfrey among people to whom she’s sent her angel-based art. “I felt a calling to paint,” Neilson says. “I had painted a painting for Oprah and held off on sending it to her until I learned she had a half-sister. I packed it up and sent it. A few weeks later, Oprah called me. We had a seven-minute conversation!”


Wet lubricants

Until Wet lubricants came along 30 years ago, the product had never been marketed in a funny, sexy way. “Before then it was very medical,” says Joe Pascoloa, Wet’s brand ambassador. “We have expanded to organic, natural [products]. We have everything and more that you could imagine. Sex is more talked about now and it’s less taboo.” One of the company’s more memorable product placements was in American Pie 2 when Jason Bigg’s character reaches for a tube of Wet only he grabs some super adhesive glue by mistake. (Hilarity – and pain – ensued.)


Frill ice cream

Billed as the healthy alternative to ice cream, Frill can be found in many health food stores. “It’s a vegan ice cream with no animal products,’ says a company spokesperson. “We don’t have sugar, nuts or milk in our product.” In fact, Frill’s quite tasty (we sampled it!) and can be found at Whole Foods, Erewhon, and other stores.


Relaxium Sleep

Actors work long hours and are often back at the ‘office’ (or set) early the next morning – and so do lots of other folks. Relaxium helps with sleep disorders. “I was having patients who were on prescription sleep medicines,” explains Dr. Eric Ciliberti. “They weren’t working well and had side effects, so the best solution was to come up with an all-natural sleep supplement.”

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Once again, the folks at Secret Room Events staged a Golden Globes Style Gift Suite. This year’s swag ceremony took place at the InterContinental hotel in Century City, Calif. A bevy of stars went through the suite including Patricia Arquette, a Golden Globe nominee for Escape at Dannemora, Linda Cardellini (Green Book, winner in the Best Picture – Musical/Comedy category), rap artist Soulja Boy, Patrika Darbo (The Bold and the Beautiful), singer and Golden Globe nominee Leland (Boy Erased), and Kate Linder (The Young and the Restless).

Patricia Arquette at Secret Room Events Style Lounge (Photo by JC Olivera)

In addition to a bag from ShoreBags, attendees took home gifts from Relaxium Sleep, Wet Organics, Thomas George Estates, PureTrim, a copy of the self-help book Charming Cheaters and the novel 69 Shades of Nashville by Dr. Nicole Kelly, gifts by Anne Neilson Home, Dandy Blend, Secret Celebrity, Buckle Me Baby Coats, Baroque & Rose, Heather Chapplain, SunSoaker, thinkAlkaline, Nuvelon, and more!

Click through the gallery above for a sampling of some of the goodies that guests hauled out of the ballroom…

76th Annual Golden Globes Awards, Sunday, January 6, 8/7c, NBC