All 8 Costumes Worn on the 'Friends' Halloween Episode (PHOTOS)

Stefanie Parker

While there are plenty of Friends episodes referencing both Christmas and Thanksgiving, there's actually only one that centers around Halloween.

In Season 8, Episode 6 titled, "The One With the Halloween Party," Chandler and Monica decide to throw a last-minute costume party and invite the rest of the group to join in on the festivities. While some of the friends put a little too much effort into their costumes (ahem, Ross), that wasn't exactly the case across the board.

'Friends' Cast Then & Now: See How They've Changed (PHOTOS)

'Friends' Cast Then & Now: See How They've Changed (PHOTOS)

While they're still the same lovable actors we first met back in the '90s, the cast of has certainly changed over the years.

With Halloween rapidly approaching, it's time to make sure you've secured your costume — and the cast of Friends has got you covered. Scroll through the gallery and see if you get any ideas, but do yourself a favor... skip Spudnik.