‘Doctor Who’: Where to Find Former Doctors Now (PHOTOS)

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The Personal History of David Copperfield
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The Personal History of David Copperfield (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

Peter Capaldi, the 12th doctor (and very last of the male-only line of doctors), extends his career in historical period dramas and most recently stars in The Personal History of David Copperfield alongside Dev Patel. Capaldi plays Mr. Micawber, a poor clerk with a strong faith and optimistic outlook on life.

Official Secrets
IFC Films

Official Secrets (IFC Films)

In the upcoming British drama, we see quirky 11th doctor, Matt Smith, take on a more sinister role (starring alongside Keira Knightley) in which he tries to navigate a world of inescapable warfare accompanied by blackmail and treason.

Good Omens
Sophie Mutevelian/Amazon

Good Omens (Amazon Prime Video)

David Tennant, the 10th doctor (and arguably the nation’s most favorite doctor), takes on an unlikely role in Amazon’s latest fantasy series. He trades in his classic suit and tie for a pair of snake eyes and fiery hair as he portrays a straight-up demon named Crowley. He also shows off his prowess in villainy as super foe Kilgrave in Jessica Jones.

Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse (Netflix)

In the 2018 reboot of the animated anthropomorphic series Danger Mouse, Christopher Eccleston makes his latest appearance as the voice of a wicked sheep named J Woolington Sham with nothing but ulterior motives and a sneaky agenda. In an episode entitled “No More Mr Ice Guy,” the ninth doctor truly shows that he is not sheepish when it comes to playing the villain for a change.


Luther (Netflix)

Paul McGann is back on the scene as human rights lawyer Mark North in British crime drama Luther. He is not necessarily out to save the entire world like he did as the eighth doctor, but he is certainly on a mission to bring all the bad guys down and save the people he loves most. He works with Luther (played by Idris Elba) to avenge their mutual ex-lover’s death.

Thunderbirds Are Go

Thunderbirds Are Go (ITV/CITV)

Sylvester McCoy is better known as a wizard in his latest career path. In the action-packed children’s show Thunderbirds Are Go, the seventh doctor and former circus man takes on a new adventure as Aezethril, a wizard who has created a seemingly unbeatable game based in a treacherous theme park. Aezethril does not have a TARDIS to get himself out of unceasing near-death experiences, but he does have a prized wand that acts as a weapon and remote control in the “real life” game.

Dark Art Films/Dragon Productions Wales

Hiraeth (Dark Art Films)

Colin Baker’s role in this upcoming movie will be a deviation from his past as the colorfully-tempered sixth doctor. The film will take a dark turn and focus on two estranged sisters who must deal with the death of their father. While the former doctor may be trading in his famously funky and questionably brilliant suit for gloomy funeral attire, we can surely still expect the same visceral emotions and passion he exercised back then.

Gentleman Jack
Matt Squire/HBO

Gentleman Jack (HBO)

If you miss Peter Davison’s kind, yet clever performance as the fifth doctor, you’ll want to watch him in HBO’s latest series Gentleman Jack. He plays the well-off, good-natured William Priestley, a man who is keen on solving the “mystery” behind Anne Lister, an English landlord whose professional and romantic ambitions are well ahead of her time.

Shadows: Awakening
Games Farm

Shadows: Awakening (Games Farm)

This time around Tom Baker (the fourth and longest-serving doctor) is coming to your television screen in a whole new realm of war and magic. In the video game’s upcoming installment, Baker will be bringing his voice, as well as his wit, to fighter Krenze as he schemes his way through enemy lines, demons, and fiery explosions.

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In 1963, the very first Doctor made his appearance on the classic BBC drama, Doctor Who.

The eccentric, extraterrestrial series continues its matchless streak, giving us over 37 seasons, over 851 episodes, and a total of 13 doctors to date. For the past 56 years, we have been trying to wrap our heads around time and relative dimensions in space, and even more so, the actual whereabouts of the Time Lord.

Today, years after departing the show, the former Doctors may no longer be time-traveling, but can still be found taking on new adventures in the cinematic universe as they work on new projects in 2019. So, where can you find some of your favorite Doctors now?

Click through the gallery above for updates on their latest projects as we take a look back at those who have paved the way for the sci-fi franchise.