'Doctor Who': Where to Find Former Doctors Now (PHOTOS)

Ashley Johnson

In 1963, the very first Doctor made his appearance on the classic BBC drama, Doctor Who.

The eccentric, extraterrestrial series continues its matchless streak, giving us over 37 seasons, over 851 episodes, and a total of 13 doctors to date. For the past 56 years, we have been trying to wrap our heads around time and relative dimensions in space, and even more so, the actual whereabouts of the Time Lord.

HBO Max Secures Exclusive Streaming Rights to 'Doctor Who'

HBO Max Secures Exclusive Streaming Rights to 'Doctor Who'

The streamer has also licensed 700 episodes of iconic BBC series including 'The Office,' 'Luther,' and more.

Today, years after departing the show, the former Doctors may no longer be time-traveling, but can still be found taking on new adventures in the cinematic universe as they work on new projects in 2019. So, where can you find some of your favorite Doctors now?

Click through the gallery above for updates on their latest projects as we take a look back at those who have paved the way for the sci-fi franchise.