‘MacGyver’ Stages a ‘Lost’ Reunion: Jorge Garcia Joins Henry Ian Cusick in Season 4 (PHOTO)

Jorge Garcia Lost Reunion Henry Ian Cusick MacGyver H50

He had to go back (to CBS).

Jorge Garcia, who left Hawaii Five-0 earlier this season, will once again play Jerry Ortega — but this time, he’s crossing over to MacGyver. And in doing so, fans will be treated to a Lost reunion! In fact, it was his former costar, Henry Ian Cusick, who first shared the news, posting a photo of the two on Twitter.

“Look who came out to playyayy!!!” Cusick wrote. He joined MacGyver in Season 4 as ex-MI6 agent Russ Taylor, who brought the members of the Phoenix Foundation back together.

The official Twitter account for the CBS drama retweeted Cusick, adding, “Anyone call for a conspiracy theorist?” and confirming Garcia’s guest spot. And when better for a visit from Jerry than when Russ is investigating his own conspiracy and a shadowy organization?

Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver previously crossed over in 2017. Garcia was last seen on H50 as Jerry in the Season 10 premiere, when he chose to leave the task force and began to write a book about Titanic‘s sinking.

Garcia and Cusick starred as Hurley and Desmond respectively on Lost, which aired from 2004 to 2010.

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