10 Best Moments From Jamie & Eddie’s ‘Blue Bloods’ Wedding (PHOTOS)

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Something Blue
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Blue Bloods compliment

Jamie’s Compliment Is Sweet (Though Slightly Ill-Timed)

Jamie feels like he’s finding out Eddie has a problem with Erin just before their wedding.

“Of course I have a problem with your sister,” she tells him. “She’s smart. She’s confident. She’s accomplished. She’s ridiculously beautiful. She is every woman’s basic nightmare.”

But he suggests Eddie is “every woman’s basic nightmare” because “as far as I’m concerned, you just described yourself.” Sweet, Jamie, but it’s not the time.

Blue Bloods reality

Eddie Faces the Reality of Marrying a Reagan

After Jamie tries to talk to Erin for Eddie, he ends up sleeping on the couch, and she wakes him the next morning with some very angry smoothie-making. His attempt to help made her look like “a scared little girl who can’t defend herself,” Eddie says.

That wasn’t his intention, he assures her. “We’re getting married,” he says. “I love you, and it’s my job to look after you.”

“I want to marry you more than anything,” she tells him. “By doing so, I’m going to become a Reagan. But I don’t want to become a Reagan.”

Later, Anthony makes sure Eddie knows what she’s marrying into without trying to talk her out of anything. No one’s “setting the world on fire in their personal life.”

Blue Bloods speech

Frank Actually Struggles With a Speech

Frank’s first attempt at a speech fails. “For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the father of the groom,” he reads, but Jamie points out everyone will know him at the small rehearsal dinner. “That’s the funny part,” his father tries to explain. “You always start with a joke. You missed the funny part.”

That speech goes in the trash.

Blue Bloods understanding

Frank Understands Eddie’s Struggle

Frank knows it’s Eddie, not Jamie, who’s having the “jitters” when his son visits him at the office. It “makes sense” that Eddie doesn’t want to lose herself, he explains, pointing out he’s not going to her family’s place for dinner every week.

“She feels like she’s joining our family a lot more than I’m joining hers,” Jamie realizes. “And not just any family, it’s us,” Frank points out. “Part ancient tribe, part wolf pack.”

“Don’t let her do all the work adjusting to us,” he advises. “Find opportunities into lead us to adjusting to her.”

Blue Bloods Eddie Erin

Erin and Eddie Clear the Air

After the witness admits he lied, Erin tells Eddie she owes her an apology, but Eddie says she doesn’t. She overreacted and thinks part of her wanted Jamie to go to Erin.

“I’ve decided that you weren’t picking on me,” Eddie says. “You were treating me as an equal, and coming from you, that’s a really big honor.”

Blue Bloods Lena

Lena’s Toast at the Rehearsal Dinner

“What I’m most struck by this evening is how well-mannered, charming, welcoming and strikingly handsome you all are. But what I most admire is your sincerity and brutal honesty,” she says. It’s something she and her daughter can both appreciate after her husband’s “glaring deficiency in that department.”

She concludes with a toast to Jamie: “Thank you for loving my daughter as much as I do. And I raise a toast to all of your sublime qualities, not the least of which is your wonderful family.”

Blue Bloods Frank

Frank’s Rehearsal Dinner Toast

“Tomorrow morning, Edit is heading full-tilt into the bravest act any cop I’ve ever known has attempted, and I ain’t just talking about marrying Jamie,” he begins. He’s talking about her walking down the aisle by herself.

“Eddie isn’t anyone’s to give away,” he continues. “She is her own woman and her own life force, and I have seen it in action on the job and we have all seen it in action at our dinner table.”

“I so look forward to seeing her in action as Jamie’s life partner and hopefully as a mother and as a hurricane of fresh air and candor and strength for our family,” he concludes. “So, Lena, Edit, we are so very glad and truly privileged to have you join us.”

Blue Bloods Jamie

Jamie’s Certainty About Marrying Eddie

Frank tells him, “I have never seen you so unwaveringly certain of what you want, aside from late ’60s Detroit muscle.”

Jamie echoes that sentiment when Archbishop Kearns (Stacy Keach) checks that he’s sure he wants to go through with the wedding prior to the ceremony. “Couldn’t be more sure,” he says.

Blue Bloods Frank Eddie

Eddie Asks Frank to Walk Her Down the Aisle

She admits she’s been having a recurring nightmare of tripping on the hem of her gown and face-plant in front of everyone. “I’ll always have your six o’clock,” he assures her before walking her down the aisle.

Blue Bloods Jamie wedding

Jamie Watching Eddie Walk Down the Aisle

We may not see anything else from the ceremony, but we do see his reaction to his bride walking towards him on their wedding day.

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[Warning: The below and gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers for the Season 9 finale of Blue Bloods, “Something Blue.”]

Congratulations to Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) — even though we don’t see the ceremony in the Blue Bloods Season 9 finale.

Before the happy couple can get married, there are a few bumps in the road that need to be addressed.

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Eddie and her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Erin (Bridget Moynahan), butt heads over a case when a witness claims the officer lied about his statement. When Jamie tries to play mediator, it backfires (and he ends up sleeping on the couch).

Frank (Tom Selleck) struggles to write his toast for the rehearsal dinner before he gets it just right.

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Eddie worries about becoming a Reagan, something her fiancé can’t understand until his father explains exactly what she means.

Though the finale ends without the couple exchanging vows or saying “I do” (or Eddie even reaching the altar!) on-screen, click though the gallery above to see the best moments from the wedding episode.