‘Black Mirror’ Returns With Aaron Paul, Salma Hayek & More in Season 6 Tease (VIDEO)

Thought you’d seen the last of Black Mirror? Think again, because creator Charlie Brooker has concocted new installments of the sci-fi anthology that will officially arrive in June 2023.

Along with offering fans a glimpse at the action with a teaser trailer, above, Netflix is serving up a first look at the star-studded cast behind the sixth season. Get ready because, as the season’s logline states, “Brooker’s dark, satirical anthology series which reinvents itself with each new episode” is back and the sixth season of Black Mirror “is the most unpredictable, unclassifiable, and unexpected yet.”

Among the season’s jam-packed ensemble are stars Aaron Paul, Anjana Vasan, Annie Murphy, Auden Thornton, Ben Barnes, Clara Rugaard, Daniel Portman, Danny Ramirez, Himesh Patel, John Hannah, Josh Hartnett, Kate Mara, Michael Cera, Monica Dolan, Myha’la Herrold, Paapa Essiedu, Rob Delaney, Rory Culkin, Salma Hayek Pinault, Samuel Blenkin, Zazie Beetz, and more.

Speaking to Netflix’s TUDUM, Brooker said, “I’ve always felt that Black Mirror should feature stories that are entirely distinct from one another, and keep surprising people (and myself) or else what’s the point? It should be a series that can’t be easily defined, and can keep reinventing itself. So partly as a challenge, and partly to keep things fresh for both me and the viewer, I began this season by deliberately upending some of my own core assumptions about what to expect. Consequently, this time, alongside some of the more familiar Black Mirror tropes we’ve also got a few new elements, including some I’ve previously sworn blind the show would never do, to stretch the parameters of what ‘a Black Mirror episode’ even is.”

“The stories are all still tonally Black Mirror through-and-through – but with some crazy swings and more variety than ever before,” Brooker continued. “And bringing it all to life we’ve got an incredible roster of disgustingly skillful, smart directors working with a cast of actors so talented they frankly have no right to exist. I can’t wait for people to binge their way through it all and hope they enjoy it – especially the bits they shouldn’t.”

Written and created by Brooker, he serves as an executive producer on Black Mirror alongside Jessica Rhoades, Annabel Jones, and Bisha K. Ali. Don’t miss the fun, catch the teaser trailer, above, and scroll down for a closer look at some of the cast members in their upcoming roles as we await news on an exact premiere date for Black Mirror.

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Zazie Beetz in 'Black Mirror' Season 6
Courtesy of Netflix

Zazie Beetz gets swept up in a laptop.

Aaron Paul in 'Black Mirror' Season 6
Nick Wall/Netflix

Aaron Paul appears to inhabit a spacecraft in this ominous still.

Anjana Vasan in 'Black Mirror' Season 6
Courtesy of Netflix

Anjana Vasan peeks out from behind a curtain in this eerie shot.

Kate Mara in 'Black Mirror' Season 6
Courtesy of Netflix

Kate Mara also plays a role in the new season.

Auden Thornton and Josh Hartnett in 'Black Mirror' Season 6
Daniel Escale/Netflix

Auden Thornton stands close by a sitting Josh Hartnett.

Myha'la Herrold and Samuel Blenkin in 'Black Mirror' Season 6
Courtesy of Netflix

Myha’la Herrold and Samuel Blenkin take a stroll together.

Clara Rugaard in 'Black Mirror' Season 6
Courtesy of Netflix

Clara Rugaard looks as if she’s in a horror movie.

Annie Murphy in 'Black Mirror' Season 6
Courtesy of Netflix

Annie Murphy looks over her device.

Salma Hayek in 'Black Mirror' Season 6
Courtesy of Netflix

Salma Hayek Pinault is bright and in focus for her episode.

Paapa Essiedu in 'Black Mirror' Season 6
Nick Wall/Netflix

Paapa Essiedu brings some flair to the screen.