7 Essential 'Black Mirror' Episodes to Stream Now (PHOTOS)

Meaghan Darwish

Black Mirror continues to shock and surprise fans well into its fifth season, but there are still plenty of viewers who have yet to be acquainted with Charlie Brooker's Netflix thriller.

Described as a modern day Twilight Zone, the series serves up unique stories steeped in the paranoia surrounding today's smart technology. At times it can be downright disturbing, while other tales offer a little more hope. No matter what your tastes, there's definitely a Black Mirror episode for you.

'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch': Some of the Best & Worst EndingsSee Also

'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch': Some of the Best & Worst Endings

Plus, the pros and cons of viewer-controlled shows.

Considering the show's latest additions, we're taking a look back at some of the essential episodes from the first four seasons, including the much-talked about Bandersnatch. Click through the images above for a peek at the episodes that are a must-see when delving into this new cult classic.

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