‘Big Brother’s Season 22 House Pays Homage to Its History in Sneak Peek

big brother

We’re mere days away from the arrival of Big Brother: All-Stars, marking the show’s 20th anniversary on CBS. Thankfully, the network is giving fans a glimpse inside the Season 22 house, which is seriously decked out for the show’s most avid viewers.

Along with giving former competitors the chance to win the grand prize, this year’s “All-Star Loft” theme pays homage to the show’s past, specially tailored for the veteran VIPs. In a first for the reality program, the premiere episode will air live, giving viewers the chance to see which All-Stars made the Season 22 cut in real-time.

Prior to the August 5 premiere though, CBS is giving fans a peek inside. “The All-Star Loft is amazing!” said Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan, Executive Producers, Big Brother. “It not only has an artistic nod to Big Brother past, but this house actually holds the key to some new twists that will keep these All-Stars on their toes all season long!”

In honor of the show’s 20-year run on CBS, production designer Scott Storey designed this themed loft which was inspired by the working arts lofts of downtown Los Angeles. Below, learn more about the rooms and their design elements, and don’t miss the live move-in event this Wednesday, August 5.

Big Brother: All Stars, Season 22 Premiere, Wednesday, August 5, 9/8c, CBS

Living Room Big Brother

The Living Room

In the living room, the wall filled with 1,152 illuminated pegs gives this season’s cast the literal “star treatment.”

The Living Room Big Brother

Among other features in the room are a massive star field created from hand-painted rods, as well as vintage star-shaped tin signs, and of course, that iconic Big Brother chess set.

big brother kitchen

The Kitchen

The kitchen pays homage to contestants of the past and some of their best All-Star moments over the past two decades, including Dan Gheesling’s funeral and Dr. Will Kirby’s puppet master days, as well as Rachel Reilly’s address to “floaters” advising that they grab a life vest. These moments are captured in carefully crafted graffiti murals.

The Parlor Big Brother

The Lounge

The lounge is a tribute to the show’s most infamous “showmances,” a term coined by Dr. Will in Season 2. Along with featuring LED-lit hearts, red velvet seating and other fine finishes, the room also calls out some of the show’s couples including Brenchel, Jody, Jeff and Jordan among others.

Big Brother Bathroom

The Bathroom

Meanwhile, the show’s iconic rubber ducky gets a tribute of its own in the bathroom as hundreds of the yellow toys line the walls in the communal location.

Big Brother

The Front Bedroom

The show will also boast four different bedrooms for the first time instead of the usual three. The first will showcase the super side of Big Brother with BB Comics illustrating the walls, including images of memorable players including Swaggy C, Devin Shepherd and Frankie Grande. The duvets and bedding also reflect the comic book theme.

Big Brother Side Bedroom

The Side Bedroom

Meanwhile, the side bedroom celebrates the Big Brother key with key-shaped columns and other features that remind houseguests that only one key can be pulled at the end of the season. And in the back bedroom, Big Brother‘s other key component – the camera – takes center stage as 45 35-millimeter cameras decorate the walls along with images from years past in a perfect homage to the show’s 20-year history. Plus, the camera reminds everyone that all eyes are on the houseguests.

HOH Room Big Brother

The Head of Household Suite

In the Head of Household Suite, the VIP treatment awaits the lucky HOH as the loft-themed escape boasts a twilight-lit city skyline along with a plush king-sized bed and large sofa perfect for late-night strategy sessions. And in the front of the house, LED pixels will give the home some major curb appeal as the screens display various milestones throughout the All-Star season.