The 17 Most Memorable ‘Supernatural’ Guest Stars

SPN guest stars
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Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) only have seven more episodes of saving people, hunting things, the family business on Supernatural.

And some of those people they’ve saved, things they’ve hunted, people who have become part of the family business, and other memorable roles have been played by familiar faces.

Scroll down for the guest stars we won’t forget as we approach the end of the series.

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Julian Richings (Death)

As we saw several times, Death liked fast food, including Chicago’s pizza. But perhaps the most surprising and memorable thing about the character is that he could be killed — and was, by Dean, using Death’s own scythe.

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A.J. Buckley and Travis Wester (Ed and Harry)

No matter how many years have passed or how many times the Winchesters help them, one thing remains the same: the Ghostfacers’ hatred for the brothers. And the series doesn’t let fans forget about them either, thanks to their online videos.

Time After Time After Time
Jack Rowand/The CW

Nicholas Lea (Eliot Ness)

Lea was just one of many X-Files alums who appeared on this show. Dean was thrilled to meet Ness due to the 1987 film, The Untouchables — and as a bonus, this Ness was a hunter.

Sergei Bachlakov / The CW

Adrianne Palicki (Jessica Moore)

Sadly, we barely had time to get to know Sam’s college girlfriend before she suffered the same tragic fate as Mary, spurring Sam to leave his normal life behind and join Dean on the road. But we’ll always remember that image of her burning on the ceiling.

Everybody Loves A Clown
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Samantha Ferris and Alona Tal (Ellen and Jo Harvelle)

In the earlier seasons, Sam and Dean mostly worked alone, though they did have a few allies, Ellen and Jo among them. In Season 5, they sacrificed themselves in one of the most memorable death scenes of the series. But because this is Supernatural, we’ve seen each since.

Alpha and Omega
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Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley/God)

When we first met Chuck in Season 4, it was as an author (of Supernatural novels) whom Sam, Dean, and Castiel thought to be a prophet. Over the years, a popular fan theory developed until it was confirmed in Season 11 that he is, in fact, God. And as we’ve seen thus far in Season 15, it’s a bad idea to get on his bad side.

Who We Are
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Kim Rhodes (Jody Mills)

Sadly, hunters tend to have a tragic backstory, and we saw Jody’s play out before our eyes in the Season 5 episode, “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid.” After losing her husband and child, Jody eventually became part of the Winchesters’ family and formed a new one of her own, with those who could have been part of a Wayward Sisters spinoff. But at least we’ve seen her every season since her introduction.

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Felicia Day (Charlie)

When we first met Charlie, she was a hacker working for Dick Roman’s company who volunteered to help the brothers upon learning her boss was a monster. After that, she became part of their family and one of their most trusted allies. Her death is still one we might never get over, even though we’ve since met her Apocalypse World version.

The CW

The Scooby Gang

Sam, Dean, and Castiel got animated for “Scoobynatural” and met the Scooby Gang. Their attempt to inform Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby that monsters are real did not go over well.

The Executioner's Song
Liane Hentscher/The CW

Timothy Omundson (Cain)

Everyone knows the story of Cain and Abel, but what fans of Supernatural know the former for is giving the Mark of Cain to Dean. When the two later faced off after Cain returned to his old ways, the Father of Murder admitted he’d never stop killing.

Two and a Half Men
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Mitch Pileggi (Samuel Campbell)

While Pileggi is quite recognizable from his X-Files days (Skinner!), he also played a key role on Supernatural: hunter Samuel Campbell, Mary’s father and the brothers’ grandfather who was resurrected in Season 6.

David Grey/The CW

Sterling K. Brown (Gordon Walker)

Before he won hearts as Randall Pearson on This Is Us, Brown was a thorn in the Winchester brothers’ sides as a hunter whose methods conflicted with theirs. He targeted Sam in particular because of his visions, so it was satisfying to watch him be the one to decapitate Gordon after he’d been turned into a vampire.

Dean Buscher/The CW

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester)

Morgan recurred as Sam and Dean’s father in the first season before his sacrifice and subsequent return in the Season 2 premiere and finale. He memorably (finally) returned in the series’ 300th episode for a story that provided closure without changing the past.

Shut Up, Dr. Phil
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James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter (Don and Maggie)

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel alums guest starred as witches who took their marital problems out on their town — and Sam and Dean — in Season 7’s “Shut Up, Dr. Phil.”