Best Lines of the Week (January 15-21): ‘Me and My Couture Are Leaving’

Pretend It's a City Good Doctor WandaVision
Netflix; ABC; Disney+

What better way to ring in the new year than to celebrate the best moments from TV? This week, new shows (The Great North, WandaVision, Bling Empire) and old favorites (The Bachelor) brought us to tears with moments of hilarity and sincerity.

Continuing January right, this week was a great week for television comedy in particular, such as Fran Lebowitz deploying her sardonic wit in Martin Scorsese’s Pretend It’s a City. But it wasn’t all lighthearted — some shows, like Batwoman and The Good Doctor, included tender moments that tugged at our heartstrings.

Check out the gallery below to see if you missed any of TV’s greatest quotes this week.

Riverdale: Riverdale Season 5 Premiere Jughead Jones Cole Sprouse
The CW

Riverdale (The CW)

“Why does every one of our dances turn into a Jamie Lee Curtis movie?”

— Not even the excitement of high school dances are free from the violent mysteries of Riverdale, something which Jughead (Cole Sprouse) has come to realize.

Bling Empire Christine Chiu

Bling Empire (Netflix)

“Me and my couture are leaving.”

— Christine Chiu makes a dramatic exit from a serious conversation.

Sam Vimes (Richard Dormer) and Corporal Angua (Marama Corlett)The Watch

The Watch (BBC America)

“My ten-dollar boots don’t make the sound, but the bastards leak and the soles are wearing in. But eyes closed, I know just where I am in this city just by the feel of the stone beneath my toes.”

— Capt. Sam Vimes (Richard Dormer) gives Lady Sybil (Lara Rossi) a socio-economic lesson on boots, while also directly referencing the Terry Pratchett novels the fantasy series is based on.


The Great North Pilot- Fox - Honeybee Dulcé Sloane - Wolf Will Forte- Ham Paul Rust - Judy Jenny Slate - Moon Aparna Nancherla - Beef Nick Offerman

The Great North (Fox)

Ham: “I am gay.”

Moon: “Ham, we know. You’ve come out to us a bunch of times.”

Ham: “I have?”

Beef: “Yes! And we love you just the way you are, damn it!”

— During a heated family discussion, Ham (Paul Rust) shares a dramatic confession… that he’s told the family several times before.

Pretend It's a City - Netflix - Fran Leibowitz

Pretend It's a City (Netflix)

“Nothing is better for a city than a dense population of angry homosexuals.”

— Fran Lebowitz reflects on her early days living in New York, and what drew people like her to leave their hometowns.

Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder - Batwoman Season 2 Premiere
The CW

Batwoman (The CW)

“That suit — it’s bigger than me. It’s one thing to put it on, and it’s another to wear it.”

— Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie), a.k.a. the future Batwoman, recognizes the importance of the suit in the Season 2 premiere.

The Bachelor - Sarah- ABC

The Bachelor (ABC)

“I think that’s why he let me go, because he sees my heart”

— In a shocking turn of events, Bachelor contestant Sarah chooses to leave the show after tearfully explaining her decision to Matt James himself.

The Good Doctor - Claire Browne - Antonia Thomas

The Good Doctor (ABC)

“You’ve done it before. You’ll do it this time.”

— Claire (Antonia Thomas) encourages the husband of a newly relapsed cancer patient to be there for his wife after he doubts his ability to undergo this heartbreaking process again.

Wandavision, Disney+ - Elizabeth Olson- Paul Bettany

WandaVision (Disney+)

“You move at the speed of sound and I can make a pen float through the air. Who needs to abbreviate?”

— Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) retorts at her husband Vision (Paul Bettany), after the two face a comedic mix-up regarding a confusing heart-shaped abbreviation on their kitchen calendar.