Best Lines of the Week (April 22-28): ‘Whole New Meaning to the British Invasion’


From Selling Sunset giving us new drama and incredible estates to look at to The Flash facing the latest threat, Deathstorm, this week has taken us on an incredible ride to our favorite TV show universes.

Legacies was back with another episode this week, while Season 3 of Barry premiered on HBO, bringing more of its satire humor and complex characters to our screens. Andrew Garfield leads FX’s new series Under the Banner of Heaven, based on true crime book by Jon Krakauer, while new problems arose on Good Trouble.

Scroll down to find out what stood out to us this week.

The CW

Walker (The CW)

“Catch me up, crypto queen.”

— Cordell (Jared Padalecki) asks Cassie (Ashley Reyes) to catch him up on cryptocurrency.

FX on Hulu

Under The Banner of Heaven (FX on Hulu)

Bill: “It’s eating you alive, isn’t it?”

Jeb: “What?”

Bill: “All you gotta do is ask nice, Jeb. Can I have some fries, Bill?”

— Bill (Gil Birmingham) to Jeb (Andrew Garfield) while he’s eating

The CW

The Flash (The CW)

“If this matchhead thinks he’s getting anywhere near my sister, he’s gotta go through me first.”

— Frost (Danielle Panabaker), about her sister, Caitlin (Panabaker), while under the threat of Deathstorm


Selling Sunset (Netflix)

Chelsea: “Interesting story. When I first moved to LA—”

Christine: “Let me guess, he hit on you?”

— Chelsea Lazkani begins telling the story of how she first met Jason Oppenheim, and Christine Quinn interrupts.


Mayans M.C. (FX)

“World’s not so scary when you can believe in magic.”

— Sofía (Andrea Cortés) while advising EZ (JD Pardo) how to train his dog

The CW

Legacies (The CW)

Hope: “If you let me out, you’re gonna be letting her out, too.”

MG: “Who?”

Hope: “My dark side.”

— Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) and MG (Quincy Fouse), while Hope’s in a cell



Good Trouble (Freeform)

Joaquin: “I’m sorry if I was kind of an asshole when we first met.”

Mariana: “Kind of?”

— Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) jokes while she and Joaquin (Bryan Craig) look for his missing sister.


The Girl From Plainville (Hulu)

“She knew what it was like to feel lonely and want someone to talk to.”

— Katie (Aya Cash) defends the case of the commonwealth.



Barry (HBO)

“There’s no forgiving Jeff.”

— Barry (Bill Hader) shouts after he shoots both Charles (Cullen Douglas) and Jeff (Todd Weeks) in the head.


A Million Little Things (ABC)

“Gives a whole new meaning to the ‘British Invasion.’”

—Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) jokes about when Maggie (Allison Miller) was pregnant the year prior, and the father was her British ex-roommate, Jamie (Chris Geere).