Best Lines of the Week (June 11-17): ‘I Don’t Breathe Out My Belly Button!’

Betty Season 2 Episode 1 Indigo Featured

This week our screens were graced with lines that were funny, biting, and sometimes even a little ridiculous! The iCarly revival premiered on Paramount+ and showed us a more mature take on our favorite webcasting teens, Tuca & Bertie highlighted an apt cultural difference across the pond, and Love, Victor gave us some witty commentary on Pride Month.

On the other hand, Loki continued to make light of our favorite trickster’s deceitful nature, while Dave gave us an absurd example of what it means to be flexible.

Scroll down to see if your favorite lines made the cut this week.

Dave Season 2 Episode 1 Karl Yune

Dave (FXX)

“Look at CL’s manager. Look at how he squats. He gets so low to the ground, it’s like his butthole can touch the earth.”

—Mike (Andrew Santino) compares his flexibility to Korean pop star CL’s manager as he complains to GaTa (GaTa) about taking a long flight and how it hurts his back.

Battle of The Brothers Season 1 Episode 2 Michael Khy

Battle of the Brothers (Discovery+)

“Bryan, Khy has a menu written right here. I’m taking breakfast orders if you need it.”

—Michael Voltaggio teases his brother about his team’s ability to win the cooking competition.

Love, Victor Season 2 Episode 1 Lake

Love, Victor (Hulu)

“You say the word and I will ditch these gays like a corporation after Pride month.”

—Lake (Bebe Wood) on the phone with her best friend Mia (Rachel Hilson), who feels weird about Lake hanging out with her recently out ex-boyfriend, Victor (Michael Cimino).

Betty Season 2 Episode 1 Indigo

Betty (HBO)

“I don’t breathe out my belly button!”

—Indigo (Ajani Russell) throws bread at a stubborn maskless customer after she insults her crop top.

Loki Season 1 Episode 2 Tom Hiddleston Owen Wilson

Loki (Disney+)

“You’ve literally stabbed people in the back like 50 times!”

—TVA agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) calls out Loki (Tom Hiddleston) for lying about his nature.

iCarly Revival Season 1 Episode 3 Carly Spencer

iCarly (Paramount+)

“It’s like Harper always says: You gotta switch it up on a b*tch!”

—Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) tells her brother Spencer (Jerry Trainor) how she intends to keep up with the increasingly competitive world of young influencers.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Season 6 Episode 143

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (CBS)

“Wooo! Their guy fell asleep first!”

Stephen Colbert makes a joke about the meeting between President Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin and a photo that came from the meeting.

MasterChef: Legends Season 11 Episode 3 Paula Deen

MasterChef: Legends (FOX)

“I thought you was fixing to light up a joint or something!”

—Celebrity guest judge Paula Deen expresses her shock when a contestant lights up a piece of holy wood to add an aroma to his dish.

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 145 Wasabi Goldfish

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (FOX)

“She looks like a goldfish moving through the water.”

—Announcer comments on the walk of the competition’s 145th Best in Show, Wasabi the Pekingese.

Tuca & Bertie Season 2 Episode 1 Holland
Adult Swim

Tuca & Bertie (Adult Swim)

“I’m British and over 60. I’ve never even considered going to a funny doctor.”

—Bertie’s (Ali Wong) boss Holland (Richard E. Grant) encourages her to take a mental health day, despite his indifference towards therapy.